Hitting The Rides At The Fair

By: Diana Pastor

Without really feeling the change in days, it’s now September.  A lot of tourists have gone back home after their summer breaks, leaving Xela only to the strong-willed and/or unemployed. Folks who are still here will be witness to some of the most special elections in the Western hemisphere, a lot of rain, and the Independence Fair which will be held September 12-18.

If you’ve never been to the fair, then you should know that it is sort of like a market, but bigger with every type of product for sale imaginable, “fair specials” on all sorts of things, piles of food and carnival rides.  These rides are different from other rides you might have been on in the past (fewer safety inspections, falling apart, etc.) so make sure you do the necessary research to keep your stomach and skull intact.

If you want to play it safe, go with the bumper cars which are pretty standard.  One step up is the teacups ride, where you can get as dizzy as you’re able to spin the wheel in the center of your cup.  The pirate ship is also a fairly mild ride.

Rides that are on the medium level of the safety/excitement spectrum include “Trabant”, a ride where you are stuck to the side of a spinning wheel via centrifugal force.  Ideally your ride will be a thrilling two minutes as opposed to a nauseating five minutes (as happened last year when the operator takes a smoke break).  Also, the hammer, a series of seats that make a 10 meter drop is a good time unless you get stuck on the top in the middle of a rainstorm.

Finally there are rides that can be classified as very extreme/very likely to land you on the cover of the Prensa Libre should they malfunction.  First up is the Zipper.  The Zipper is the sort of ride that was actually invented by the CIA to torture prisoners of war.  Upon being discovered by Amnesty International, they quickly put up a sign that said “Zipper” and began whistling inconspicuously.  If that description sounds like fun, then you will enjoy being locked in a metal cage and whirled about until you get whiplash.

Another ride that is not to be missed is the ring of fire.  You’ll get the chance to go upside-down over, and over, and over again.  (Make sure to arrive between smoke breaks). A good ride to avoid if you have neck problems, otherwise very thrilling.  Buy your tickets and get to the fairgrounds for Xela’s once a year carnival rides.

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