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Talking Points: The Weather

The necessary ingredient in near every casual conversation, shooting the breeze about the weather is an honored pastime in Xela. And with another change of season upon us, it is time to brush up on appropriate weather-related talking points. It’s time to quit complaining about the rain and start grousing about the dust. Umbrellas aren’t called paraguas (literally rain stoppers) anymore, they are sombrillas (sun shades). No more worrying about damp and musty conditions, start whining about everything drying out. If all else fails, you’ve still got that old conversational standby: the cold- so keep ¡Que Frio! and related phrases handy.

thumbs-up-popppingP o p p i n g

The Rainy Season Winds Down

Just when you were thinking “well, this hasn’t been that bad of a rainy season”, Xela was hit with a week of heavy rain from the memorably named 12-E, a tropical depression (which is when a tropical storm needs prozac). But the good news is that the dry season is around the corner, at least according to the famously inept meteorologists at Insivumeh (somehow that stands for the national weather bureau). If you’re reading this outside on a sunny afternoon, then we’re in the clear until next April, woo-hoo!

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Xela’s Drainage System

After a season of relative slacking off, Xela’s drainage system failed its big test. Not only did the usual low-lying areas flood (sorry, zone 5), but faulty drains caused massive amounts of water to back up in other areas. El Calvario in zone 1 was especially hard hit as clogged sewers led to several feet of water in the streets, damaging local businesses and leaving behind expansive mud-flats. During all this, the mayor was in Guadalajara, Mexico at the Pan-American games, where he was promoting Xela as the next host city (all of the above couldn’t have helped the cause).

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