Do You Know Mario Camposeco?

By Jed Herrmann

There was little action on the field for the Superchivos last month because of schedule quirks and game cancellations due to heavy rain. Given the lack of action on the field this month, this reporter decided to bring a little investigative journalism to the Xela soccer world.

After hearing various rumors about its origin, I decided to get the bottom of the mystery surrounding the name of the Superchivos stadium. So I set off for Estadio Mario Camposeco to determine what this name was all about and if there was any truth to the rumor that it referred to the dryness of the team’s field (campo meaning field and seco meaning dry).

Talking to team officials, it became clear that the name had nothing to do with the dryness of the field- as they pointed out: heavy rains had interrupted the recent schedule. They were able to tell me that Mario Camposeco was a person, but beyond that they added little information aside from a suggestion that I search the internet.

So I took to the street where I was variously told that Mario Camposeco had: built the stadium, been the team’s coach, and owned the team. Or perhaps, as one woman told me, it was due to strength of his foot- he could kick the ball the length of the field so they named the stadium after him.

Hands down the most interesting reply to my standard question of  “I understand this stadium is named for Mario Camposeco, do you know him?”, came from a nearby candy vendor who replied: “He’s a man, he’s Mario, he’s old”. All of which it turns out are actually true though, as the firefighters across the street told me, not the reasons the stadium was named for him.

As the firefighters correctly recounted, Mario Camposeco was the star of the Xela team in the 1940’s, played on the national team, and died suddenly in an airplane accident in 1951 (though they got the year wrong). After his death, the stadium was renamed in his honor.* Mystery solved.

The current Superchivos inhabitants of Mr. Camposeco’s stadium have been playing well (when there are games) and stood in 6th place in the league as of press time. The new coach (Hernan Medford of Costa Rica) started off well with no losses in his first 4 games at the helm. With the season winding down Xelaju has a very good chance to make the playoffs, making every match in November a critical contest.

*For this month’s fun fact: Mario Camposeco was apparently so good that they not only named the stadium after him, but also the team- the MC in Xelaju MC are his initials.

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