Live from Estadio Mario Camposeco

By Jed Herrmann

Following last month’s column about the history of Estadio Camposeco, this month we bring the Superchivos into the 21st century with a live Twitter feed from the match (or as live as a monthly magazine can manage). Below is the minute-by-minute action of another exciting game in the Guatemalan Liga Nacional:

0’ It’s very cold and we’re seated in the south bleachers along with Sexto Estado band; they’re taking off their shirts and getting fireworks ready for kickoff- bare chests and open flames, two things that go great together

12’ The fans (or possibly bank employees) pass a giant flag over the stands that says “Always with you Xelaju- Banrural”; we miss two minutes of the game, apparently the Superchivos nearly score

15’ The opposing team scores; I miss the goal as my seatmate is fending off a giant moth

17’ Xelaju nearly scores but the side-judge calls offsides; a man at the top of the stands makes some not so nice remarks about the official’s mother; I put on my winter hat

30’ The cold concrete stands have officially made my butt go numb

36’ The Superchivos score; in celebration some members of the Sexto Estado light off a homemade blowtorch made from an aerosol can

45’ Halftime; I take a walk around to warm up; I get some feeling back in my butt, which makes sitting down again on the cold stands a painful experience; standing up was a mistake

52’ Xela scores again making it 2-1; the crowd goes wild as members of the Sexto Estado sit astride the (supposedly) barbed wire fence

56’ The Xelaju goalie almost lets up a goal but makes a great save at the last minute; the fans rain insults upon him- their own goalie, who just made the save, hmmmm

58’ A Xela player nearly scores but misses; the man at the top of the stands calls him something similar to a dog

70’ The band in La Curva section starts an out of tune rendition of what appears to be the Rocky theme song, maybe

80’ The woman in front of me screams “kill it” at nothing in particular for 63rd time

92’ A second ball comes onto the field from somewhere (the 9 year-old ballboy remains a suspect) and while the ref is distracted, a Xela player gets sucker-punched; my butt is frozen to the seat, at least they won

Postscript: Aside from frozen body parts, November held a tough schedule for the group from Mario Camposeco with a game against the league’s leader and two consecutive road games. But  Xelaju managed to hold their own and, showing that a season’s worth of practice pays off, finally won their first road game in their last chance to do so. At press time, Xela was in the top 6 in the league, in line for a playoff spot. Here’s hoping that December also brings the Superchivos something to celebrate.

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