January 2010 Issue: The Groovy New XelaWho.com

Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos y todas!  We have some exciting news to kick off 2010-54-cover-web2010. Indeed we have a hard time believing it ourselves, but we’ve managed to pull it off – we’ve totally revamped our online presence at XelaWho.com. Gone are the psychedelic pages with the same article repeated three times and the clipboard-remnant porn links we pasted in by accident.

In its place is a groovy new Internet site that you might actually enjoy using.

The new site is packed with goodies. Just as in the past, you’ll find the contents of both current and past issues, including all the columns and columnists that have grown on you – like barnacles, of course.  However, thanks to space-age technology, you can now add comments directly to any article, enriching our readership with your insights – and acting as our fact-checking department. Who needs pesky interns when we’ve got you?

Wait, there’s more! For instance, our events calendar, a.k.a. ¿Qué pasa Xela?” is not only updated in real time but you can also add your own events. (Again, see intern comment above.)

Our classifieds – still-free and now self-service – work in a similar fashion. You can add/edit/delete your ad to your heart’s content (but please, do be tasteful!). While we’ll continue to publish classifieds in print, our hope is that the online version serves your needs better and more promptly.

Besides these features, we hope to gradually add new ones. We’ve added an RSS feed for hardcore geeks types as well as set up a photo gallery, a space for you to show off your best snapshots from your time in Xela. Please give these a try and let us know what you think.

Let us know, too, if we should add any other features or if we can improve existing ones.

And of course just as in our print edition, you’ll find information on the traveler-friendly businesses that keep this publication afloat enough to keep us from getting real jobs. On the site, we feature business directories which link directly to the advertisers with their own Web sites so you can access more info beyond the lame ass cut-and-paste print ads that we produce for them in Word.

Otherwise, we thank you for loyal readership during 2009. If you are reading this, then luckily – despite the pig bug scares, root-canal-type economic pain and dashed title hopes and way too much Gallo – we stumbled our way into 2010. We hope you’ll remain a dedicated reader into 2010 and beyond, both in print and online from your very own corner of the planet.

Your entire XelaWho team wishes you un Ano Nuevo de calidad!

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