Will You Be My Valentine, Mr. Burrito?

By Elena Alvarado

Who doesn’t love a good burrito? All that tasty goodness wrapped in convenient tortilla holder. So in the interest of love and tastiness, we’ve reviewed Xela’s burrito options for your eating pleasure. For this contest we ordered a basic chicken burrito at places across town and here’s how they came out.

First, while Tacontento (think contented taco) is new to Xela (and in Pasaje Enriquez), it already has numerous branches in Guatemala City and elsewhere in the region. While you may have guessed (correctly) that their main focus is tacos, they also serve all manner of Mexican food. The burrito, however, is little more than a glorified taco. While it contained juicy chicken, guacamole, and a spicy dressing, it was a rather paltry specimen, even if the Q34 order contains two.

In contrast the burrito at Champion Sport & Bar (not a typo, this is really what they’ve named the restaurant- located just outside Pasaje Enriquez) is a giant messy thing covered in all manner of sauces. While more substantial, the chicken, rice and bean filling was virtually tasteless (except for the chunks of chicken bones scattered throughout). After two bites I started to feel ill; in fact, despite the fact I was hungry I couldn’t bring myself to finish my Q45 investment. Thus this burrito is only recommended if you’re starving, drunk, or (given how the second can produce feelings of the first) both.

El Burralon makes a unique burrito (in that it doesn’t have rice or beans), but the flaky tortilla crust and the moist flavorful filling really hit the spot. The burritos come in plastic bags that roll down as you munch so that you can eat them with your hands without making a mess. The menu has a dizzying array of burrito options and, at Q20 for a burrito, the price is right. They are located outside the cerveceria near 21st Calle in Zone 3, but they also deliver.

Just off Central Park (6 Calle 10-33), Anda Picate makes a good burrito for Q25. Best eaten with a fork and knife it comes with a variety of tasty sauces to complement its moist filling of chicken, onions, lettuce, and tomato. They also include a nice side of guacamole and chips (well, two of them).

While none of these places are going to win the burrito Olympics (next held in Chihuahua in 2013), Tacontento probably has the most flavorful chicken while El Burralon runs away with the best value award.

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