We Love the Superchivos

By Jed Herrmann

Keeping with our Valentine’s Day theme (and with current season off to a non-newsworthy start), we’ll dedicate this column to explaining our love for Xela’s soccer team. So here are five reasons we love the SuperChivos, and why you should too.

1. They’re called the Super Goats! Prefacing the chivos (meaning goats) with super (meaning, uh, super) makes our team the SuperGoats. Apparently before a championship in the middle 90’s they were just the plain old goats, but their inspired play that year earned them the additional super moniker.

2. They put ethics over good play. Being the top goalie in the league last season apparently wasn’t good enough to earn Luis Pedro Molina a spot on this season’s squad after he was released for “non-football reasons”. Ironically, his replacement just tested positive for using illegal performance enhancing drugs and faces at least a 6-month ban.

3. They are passionate. Go to any other soccer stadium around the country and you’re likely to find a crowd that numbers in the hundreds. But the Superchivos routinely fill Estadio Mario Camposeco with crowds up to 10,000 people.

4. They do the unexpected. Nearly out of playoff contention last season, the team stormed back to finish in second place in the standings. So no matter how much someone complains that the team has no chance, keep watching, they might just surprise you.

5. They have a great logo. Even if you don’t like soccer or you’re a Municipal fan (which would be lame), you have to admit that Xelaju’s logo is awesome. The horned goat head in front of the soccer ball with the moons below (each one represents a league championship) is a beautiful creation. Now if they just made the apparel in gringo sizes…

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