We Love Xela!

WEB Portada, Enero12, JPEGObviously we love Xela; even we wouldn’t be wasting our time with the labor of love that is this magazine if we didn’t love the place we were living in and writing about. While this love is implied throughout the year, this month we bring it out into the open with our love themed edition in celebration of Valentine’s Day. You’ll find lots of love tips, insights, dirt, and best of lists in the magazine this month, but let’s start off with the reasons we love Xela:
1. Quetzalte-what? For those of us that like getting off the beaten track a little bit, what better place to live than a place as completely unpronounceable to the foreign tongue as Quetzaltenango? Sure we all call it Xela when we’re talking among ourselves, but it is great to be able to whip out the official name when trying to confuse those folks back home.

2. Xelaju: While the town’s names may be confusing to folks back home, their meanings accurately describe the beautiful place we live. Okay, fine, Land of the Quetzals might be a little out of date, but the Xelaju meaning of “under 10 mountains” still applies. A great pleasure of being here is looking up on a clear day and seeing Santa Maria or Cerro Quemado watching over us. You just don’t get views like this everywhere.

3. Quetzaltecos: It may be a little trite to say on Valentine’s Day but, heck, we just love the people here. Sure maybe the Capitalinos are more high powered, but the mix of culture, passion, and free spirit embodied by this town’s natives is hard to beat. From the central park and the markets to the museums, concerts, and sporting events, this is the country’s cultural center and all that vibrancy comes from the Quetzaltecos.

4. Cabro: Guatemala’s best beer (if you like beer that has taste) is made right here. And some days you can even catch a whiff of the brewing smells emanating from the Cerveceria in Zone 1. This magic brew can be tough to find in the rest of the country, so drink up while you’re here.

5. The Weather: Yes, everyone else in the country complains about the weather in Xela. But the climate here sure keeps things interesting- between fog, wind, sun, hot, and cold it is always something different here (and that was only yesterday!). What a bore it would be if it was the same everyday- or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when searching around the house for another blanket…

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