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Xela, January 1, 2010. This month’s topics:

  • Popping: Adios 2009. Bienvenido 2010.
  • Flopping: Xelajú MC Superchivos
  • Buzzwords of 2009

thumbs-up-poppping POPPING: Adios 2009. Bienvenido 2010

The mountains of hope that accompanied Barack Obama into office weren’t enough to make 2009 a good year. Apparently it will take more than a year to un-do 8 years of George Bush toddler-style destruction. Luckily 2009 is history, and the prospect of a new and better year is upon us. Let’s hope that the things that made 2009 so awful – the swine-flu scare, the economic meltdown, failed climate negotiations in Copenhagen, contaminated Lake Atitlán, etc. – will improve, and 2010 will bring more joy and less suffering. Happy 2010 everyone!

FLOPPING: Xelajú MC Superchivosthumbs-down-flopping

Though Xela’s hometown soccer crew finished the regular season atop the standings, the Superchivos did what they usually do in the playoffs – they lost. Which is what they have done 11 of the last 12 times they’ve landed in Guatemala’s “Final 4.”

Unfortunately Xelajú MC’s opponent in the semi-final round, Comunicaciones, later lost the championship vs. their usual cross-town (i.e. Guatemala City) rival, Municipal.


The New York Times recently featured a list of buzzwords that became popular in 2009. As an estadounidense who spent the entire year in Guatemala, I feel like I missed many, even though I closely follow the news. How many of these words made it into your vocabulary?

aporkalypse: “Undue worry in response to swine flu. Includes unnecessary acts like removing nonessential kisses from Mexican telenovelas and the mass slaughter of pigs in Egypt.”

gaymarry: To marry someone of the same sex. Also used to mean to form an unconventional relationship, as in, “I love XelaWho so much I want to gay-marry it.”

heinie: A pronunciation of H1N1, the swine flu virus.

I’mma let you finish: Part of Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, also a popular joke on the Internet.

jeggings:  jean leggings

meep: an exclamation by young people, comes from Beaker of “The Muppet Show.”

mini-Madoff: A person who creates a Ponzi scheme smaller than Bernie Madoff’s.

sexting: The sending of sexual messages or pictures via cellular telephone.

vook: A digital book that includes some video in its text.

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