Return Of La Concha

By Lynda DeBerry

Xela’s little-known Concha Acustica outdoor theater may once again see performers take the stage, through the collective restoration efforts of members of the local poetry club Los Altos and the Xela Theater Collective. For years the graffiti-covered concrete theater has sat unused, but the groups see potential in the space. They plan to kick off their restoration project with a Noche de Talentos on Wednesday, Apr. 4, offering local kids the opportunity to share their talents with the community. Los Altos has already spent time in local schools spreading their love of poetry and have been spreading news of the show, but are still looking for more Guatemalans under 18 years old to compete.

“The talent show is how we plan to connect the youth with the poets and bring awareness to them (as well as the street venders) about our project,” said one project organizer.

The winner from each category will be invited to perform at this year’s annual poetry festival in July. The categories are dancing, singing, music, and performance art.

The show welcomes all performers, from break dancers to ballerinas to jugglers or acrobats. If the talent show recruits enough performers, the groups will move ahead on a restoration project planned for the Concha Acustica.

Aside from finding talented youth, the poetry club and Theater Collective would also help them organize rehearsals, meetings and performances to hold formal shows at the theater. They will also begin holding biweekly theater and poetry workshops for local kids. All workshops will be open to the public, and all local children will be invited to participate.

To find out how you can help or sign up for the Noche de Talentos, you can register by contacting the poetry club directors David Reyes or Nelton Satiago at Caso Los Altos, Wednesdays at 5pm. Or visit the Xela Theater Collective’s website:

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