P o p p i n g

Pasos y Pedales

Bike lanes in Xela? Mmm… not quite yet. But one small step towards that is Pasos y Pedales, which takes place Sundays from 8:30am to 1:30pm. Basically, they block off the 4th Calle of Zona 3 between 19 and 24 Avs and the street becomes a pedestrian thoroughfare, open to strollers, dog walkers, bike riders, skaters, rollerbladers and anybody else who generally has to dodge traffic the rest of the time. It’s a nice little family-oriented activity – the music isn’t too obnoxious and there’s a bit of street food on offer for the peckish. If you need more info, write to Otherwise, see you there!

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Disappearing Spaces

Cultural activists were stunned by moves to turn Zona 3’s Centro Intercultural (formerly a military base, and before that a train station) into a police academy. Despite mayor Jorge Barrientos’ reassurances that the museums operating on the site would not be evicted, the move is largely seen as a step backwards for the arts in Quetzaltenango and a further shrinking in the amount of spaces available for cultural activities in the city.

Welcome Back, Prisma

Now gather ‘round, kids. Back in the days before we had MP3s streaming directly into a chip implanted in our brain (what? You don’t have iBrain yet?) we used to listen to a thing called the radio. It seems quaint, but the idea was that somebody else would choose what songs to play and we would listen to them, or maybe change the station if we didn’t like what we heard. The radio lives on in Xela, but in a very perverted form: it’s basically all rancheros or reggaeton or screeching preachers with one exception: Prisma FM (FM 89.9). Prisma’s beguiling mix of jazz, classical, marimba, 70s funk, 90s sugar pop and golden oldies makes it worth a listen anytime. Sadly, Prisma seems to disappear from the airwaves every now and then. We tried to contact them to find out why that was, but they are probably the most anonymous radio station on earth and don’t even appear to have a phone number. Go figure – or email us with their number. Either will work. Anyway. We’re happy to report that Prisma is back on air (this week at least) and doing what they do best – giving us old radio dinosaurs some much-needed diversity in our listening diet.

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