Xela Slow Food Festival IV

Celebrating its fourth year, Xela’s Slow Food Festival has the dual purpose of celebrating local produce and raising consciousness about food-related issues. XelaWho caught up with festival director Haylee Fuller to find out why Slow is the Go.

XW: We’ve had plenty of Slow Food Service over the years – is that part of the Slow Food movement, too?

HF: (laughs hysterically, because let’s face it – that was a pretty awesome joke)

XW: No, seriously.

HF: (wiping tears from eyes) Not really. Slow food’s motto is “bueno, limpio y justo”.

XW: Err…

HF: Good, clean and fair.

XW: Right. I knew that.

HF: And that applies to all aspects of food – the land it’s grown on, the way the producers and workers are paid and the way it’s cooked.

XW: Kind of a counter to mass-produced, fast food culture?

HF: Exactly. What we want to do is encourage people to think about the food they eat – the whole process from the seed to the meal. Slow Food is a combination of a lot of separate ideas including organics, fair trade and eating local and seasonal foods.

XW: And this is the festival’s fourth year?

HF: Yeah. It’s growing every year, reflecting the growing interest from both food producers and the public.  This year we have 10 local restaurants and cafés signed up for the main event (the Food Fair in the Parque Central on April 15) and another 10 food producers will have stalls.

XW: Local producers?

HF: Some. Others come from as far away as San Antonio, Huehuetenango. There’ll be exhibits on cacoa, coffee, mushrooms, macadamias, medicinal herbs and organic vegetables.

XW: Cool. What else is going on?

HF: Lots of stuff. Photo exhibits, a documentary film festival, cooking classes, activities for kids, music, etcetera. You should put details in your events section.

XW: I think we will. But if we forget, people can have a look at your website (www.barrigaconsciente.wordpress.com), right?

HF: Right.

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