Flex Literary Festival

by Alba Carrasco

FLEX, the Festival of Books in Xela, arrives in Quetzaltenango on the 8th, 9th and 10th of May to celebrate Reading. FLEX is an event designed to encourage reading, and literature with people of all ages through exhibition, sales of books and cultural activities. We have a rich cultural program with participation from writers, scholars, publishers and booksellers from across the region and country, as well as a wide range of libraries. FLEX, a partner of Ciudad de Imagnación, feels that value of literature is an essential for human development, and the importance of reading in forming more critical and responsible citizens. Therefore, FLEX was created with an inclusive and accessible meeting place for all those who wish to come and participate. All activities are free and we will have great discounts on books. In FLEX we have a large sample library and also publishers hosting sales expos, presenting their new publications. There will also be a wide range of magazines to choose from.

Proof that FLEX continues to grow is shown by the fact that this year we have writers from Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. FLEX is seen as a landmark event, not only nationally, but internationally as well. FLEX provides options over the three days for all tastes and ages. We have a whole host of activities aimed specifically at children, youth and adults with the aim of offering a full schedule of alternatives; which meets the expectations of people who are familiar with our work as well as new participants. Among the activities we have on offer this year a workshop for comics aimed at young men/women interested in this type of literary form; oriental bookbinding workshop in which participants will learn how to make their own book; book presentations by their author/s; storytelling; puppet theater; talks on social and literary themes; origami workshop; musical shows for younger participants etc.

FLEX is an event by Ciudad de Imaginación, and we would like to thank the support of numerous companies and individuals who collaborate through various contributions in the knowledge that we all are responsible for creating a more solid cultural scene within the City. FLEX could not function without the help of many volunteers who each year have contributed to the organisation of this event.

If you live in Xela and like to read, you cannot miss this opportunity.

Opening: May 8 at 20:00 in No’j House (next to Central Park) Dates: 8, 9 and May 10 Hours: Friday 8 15:30 to 19:30; Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 9:30 to 19:30 Location: House No’j More information www.ciudadimaginacion. org


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