Urban Sustainability: El Infinito

by Pedro Rodríguez

Sustainability has many definitions, but perhaps one of the simpler ways to explain it is that we are able to produce more then we consume and by doing so have the capacity to endure. This can be easier to achieve if we live out in the country, but sustainability in an urban context is much more difficult to achieve. El Infinito Cultura Permanente is the latest evolution of Xela’s well-known vegetarian/music hangout lounge, and now operates as a demonstration hub to showcase urban sustainability practices such as the following:

A thriving organic vegetable and medicinal herb garden

We started the year with the idea of breaking the cement patio and making some garden beds for planting veggies and herbs, remembering grandma’s passion for her medicinal plants and the lovely smell of herbs, going beyond the traditional ornamental garden and planting as many edibles as possible.

A compost and vermicomposting system

Our precious organic matter is not being wasted and thrown away in a plastic bag to the “relleno sanitario” (garbage dump)…we make it into fertilizer! We showcase two systems: the normal composting pile and also vermicomposting which uses the help of our wormy friends to make it faster and better.

Recycling and waste management

Separating the paper, glass, metal, plastic and organic matter from the kitchen, we demonstrate the various benefits such as no bad smells, less garbage to cart out on garbage day, making money by taking the glass, metals, paper and plastic to the local recycling center and producing our own first class organic fertilizer to use in our gardens!

Future plans for El Infinito include the installation of clean and appropriate technology such as solar hot water and biodigestors. Demonstrating not the fanciest and very expensive applications found nowadays in the market but practical and affordable solutions that can help us live more sustainably.

El Infinito also offers a space for educational workshops and classes about healthy living, nutritional cooking and superfoods, sustainable practices, urban gardening and permaculture.

If you would like to have a tour of the house or find out more about the workshops on offer, email info@elinfinito.org, call Pedro on

4768-6530 or visit our website: www.elinfinito.org.

EL INFINITO Cultura Permanente will be writing a feature article each month on urban sustainability and talking about ways in which you can start practicing this at home.

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