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Tapachula Direct

Good news for visa-runners and contraband-smugglers alike – the days of the four chicken bus saga to get from Xela to Tapachula, Mexico appear to be over.  Of course we have few details and those that we do have are probably wrong, but reports suggest that, starting in June, there will be a direct Pullman service running between Xela and Tapachula. Prices, hours, where it leaves from – all this has been left up to the imagination, but if we hear anything vaguely concrete we’ll let you know.

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Water Levels

A little over a week into the official rainy season and the first vaguely serious storm saw Xela’s Zona 2 underneath a meter of water and earthmoving equipment dispatched to various parts of the city, including Zona 1’s Parque Calvario to clear the thick layer of mud off the streets. We like to remain positive around here, but if that’s what happens after a little shower, what can we expect when the rains really get started?

Sk8 or Do Something Else

Despite being a city with an estimated two square meters of smooth concrete (one of which comprises the Mayor’s driveway), Xela has a surprisingly large skater community. Up until recently the only real places they had to do their tricks and flips were the plazas and shopping center car parks, options that are either dangerous or annoying. Or both.

Which is why XelaWho is happy to note that the Parque Extremo skate and bike park is now officially open.  Featuring enough ramps, rails, halfpipes and bowls to break every bone in your body twice over, the park is close enough to world-class and the best part is that, being that it’s a municipal initiative, it’s completely free and open to the public during daylight hours.

The park is located near the corner of Av. Jesus Castillo and the Cuesta Blanca in Zona 1. Ask around for the Tanque del Soldado or check for more info.

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