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Art for the blind

Blind deaf children had the opportunity to participate in an art exhibition in Xela organized especially for them. The children were able to access 10 pieces of work by the artist Ana Lucrecia Sunum, who used thick acrylic paint on canvas so that the children could feel the artwork with their hands and, using their imaginations, perceive what they thought the images portrayed, which they could then share with others.

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

The streets of Xela

It looks like the residents of Xela are set to endure with dodging pot-holes and craters on the streets for at least for the foreseeable future. The current mayor, Jorge Rolando Barrientos Pellecer was elected upon a campaign that promised to pave and repair the streets of Xela to save its people from broken ankles and slalom-style driving on the roads. But residents are complaining that the grand project is failing to deliver on its promises and are beginning to lose their patience. So you’re going to have to continue being careful when walking home after a few too many beers – not much chance of suing the municipality for lots of money here after you break your leg by stepping into a 3-foot deep hole in the sidewalk! In other news, the municipality has also missed its 5 month fundraising target this month, which doesn’t exactly fill us with much hope for fixing this problem anytime soon!

Talking Points: Football

In case you hadn´t noticed, football is just a little bit popular in Guatemala. If you’re from any country in Europe, be prepared to start talking about football in your country within about 30 seconds of striking up a conversation with a Guatemalan, so make sure you have at least something to say otherwise you will be looked at about as strangely as if you just told them you’re a vegetarian. Make sure you’re up to speed with things here too, which aren’t going too well: Guatemala lost to Jamaica & drew with the US this month during the World Cup qualifiers. But it’s OK, everyone here’s still on a high from Xela beating the capital in the national cup this year (for the first time in 5 years!), so twil take more  than that to bring us down!

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