Rethinking the Past: Re-imagining the Now

by Alba Carrasco

“After Guatemala: Rethinking the Past, Reimagining the Now” is a collective exposition that, after visiting New York last April will be exhibited at Ciudad de Imaginación (5 Calle, 14-101, Zona 3, Quetzaltenango) from June 6th to July 5th. This exhibition is the result of a year long collaboration between Guatemalan artists, scholars and thinkers and includes a series of collective projects that aim to rethink the country’s history from different perspectives. The Project is a collaboration between the Guatemalan Independent Cultural Institution (City of Imagination) and an US academic institute (The New School, one of the leading institutions of art and design education in the world) that have come together to make visible the work of these artists. The exposition also demonstrates the ties with the US and how local artistic research can transform the ways in which historical memory is understood and examines theories such as utopia or dystopia in Guatemala. The whole exposition will comprise of 10 teams that bring together around 40 artists.

Some of the  projects carried out rereading of history through different accounts, reviewing the conflict from the point of view of the communities, exploring the theme of reconciliation and revealing the voices of different artists who created works during the war. They reflect on the political repression against homosexuals, reflect the contemporary social fabric of Guatemala, approach the experience of migration through the symbolic, involving public spaces to reflect on violence against women, evoke transnational experiences from across the country, reflect on US and Guatemalan relations, playing with time perception and propose new narratives of the past.

After Guatemala plans to open new spaces for the present day and to disseminate contemporary art from Guatemala, building international and interdisciplinary networks that connect artists from different countries to address issues related to Guatemalan and Latin American society.

Curated by Anabella Acevedo, Pablo Jose Ramirez and Nitin Sawhney, the exhibition will be accompanied by various activities such as guided visits meetings and talks. Ciudad de Imaginación promotes research and production of contemporary art. Founded in 2010 Ciudad de Imaginación is dedicated to fostering projects, creating space for debate and the promotion of social sensitivities. Event opens on Saturday 6th June at 7:00pm.

For more information visit , or go  to  www.guatemaladespué .

We hope you enjoy the event.


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