P o p p i n g


We were glad to find out this month that we’re not the only people in Guatemala that are already fed up with the ridiculous amount of party propaganda that is plastered across every single surface across the country for the run-up to this year’s elections (do they really think that one more Líder logo painted just half a meter after the last one is going to make us more likely to vote for them?).

Last month Movimiento Ciudadano GT organised the event Limpiando Xela which brought together 80 people to reclaim the streets of Xela by whitewashing the political propaganda that had been painted all across the city. Nice work guys! However, we do feel that this will be an uphill battle – Guatemala´s political parties seem more than capable of mustering together small armies of minions to plaster their propaganda everywhere, so Movimiento Ciudadano certainly have their work cut out for them in the upcoming months.


F lo p p i n g


Here’s a lovely thought that’ll leave you wanting to rush off to buy some rubber boots before the next torrential downpour causes knee-deep flooding outside your house. When we get serious flooding in Xela it’s usually because the local rivers have burst their banks causing river water to mix with the rain and overload Xela’s rather dismal (/ non-existent) drainage system. Well, last month El Quetzalteco shared the delightful news that the local abattoir, which kills around 50 animals a day, is simply dumping all of their unwanted waste into Xela’s river. So now we can add blood and guts to the list of stuff-you-really-didn’t-to-know-was-in-the-flood-waters in Xela. Great.

Happy Birthday Xela!

Xela´s getting old! On May 15th this year the city of Quetzaltenango celebrated its 491st birthday. Well, technically it was more like its 791st birthday, considering the town had been around for at least 300 years before Pedro de Alvarado and his band of marauding conquistadores defeated Tecún Umán in battle and went on to “found” the city after their victory. But hey, who´s counting?

Being a magazine that´s dedicated to all things Xelajú, we thought it would only be appropriate to dedicate a few words to our favourite city in this month´s edition. So here´s a few cherry-picked reasons why we love Xela so much:

1)The weather´s pretty much perfect. Naysayers will be naysayers, but we think it´s pretty difficult to beat the weather here. Sure, sometimes it gets a bit nippy, but that´s what scarves, woolly hats and hot chocolates were made for. And we´d take some moderately cold weather any day over the sweltering heat of the coast.

2)Xela´s local football team, the Super Chivos, are so terrible (sorry guys) that they make for far more entertaining football matches than professional teams do.

3)The founder of Pollo Campero was born here. ´Nuff said.

4)You can walk out your front door in the morning and look at a volcano. Seriously, just can´t get enough of that.

5)The people rock. Ultimately, it´s the people that make Xela what it is. Whether it´s the locals, the expats or the passers-by – they all add a special flavour to the unique vibe that this city exuberates. We love you all!


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