Xelajú MC Superchivos: Sad End to a Great Season

XelajuMClogoOur monthly update of the Xelajú MC Superchivos, the local professional soccer/football team.

A Big Disappointment & Suprises

Xelajú MC failed when their time to prove themselves in the playoffs. This was after surprising everyone by winning the classification stage. The local fans are despondent after their elimination in the semifinals against Comunicaciones (a.k.a. las Cremas).

The first match in Guatemala City was bland, ending 0-0 tie. Then back at home, needing a win for a trip to the championship match and having 11,000 fans behind them, the Superchivos again tied Comunicaciones, this time 1-1. Despite the two ties, las Cremas won the series since they had a goal in an an away match. This set up a championship match with the cross-town rival Municpal, i.e. los Rojos.

Municipal & its 27th Championship

After taking down los Jaguares from Heredia in the semifinals, Guatemala City’s Municipal set itself up for an unexpected showing in the final championship match. This is despite the club’s historic New York Yankee-style (i.e. classic Yankees) near-automatic appearance in the finals due to low levels of competition in the Liga Nacional. This year, however, the difference was that the stronger clubs failed to play well when they needed to and remained out of the post-season play.

The first match in the Cremas-Rojos match-up was not much of a professional-level experience. Both teams played sloppily. Just before the end of the match, Municipal’s Martin Crossa managed to sneak in the only goal for the 1-0 win.

The second match (of two) was characterized by Municipal controlling the ball while Comunicaciones struggled to get a goal that never came. The time expired on a 0-0 tie. Due to Municipal’s earlier win, they were crowned league champion for 2009.

The Next Tournament

The new season begins in mid-January with dates and times to be determined as we went to press.

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