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Record breaking telethon

This month Xela participated in a hugely successful national Telethon that aimed to raise money for the NGO FUNDABIEM, which provides rehabilitation, social integration and therapies for children with Downs-Syndrome and mental disabilities. The Telethon took place on the 13th and 14th of July, and Xela’s participation involved arts events and inflatable games at the Municipal Theatre, a fete in Central Park, as well general fundraising drives on the streets. The Telethon managed to raise an amazing Q25,117,320.10 for FUNDABIEM

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Dengue Outbreak

On the 23rd of July the Guatemalan government announced the country is on alert due to an outbreak of hemorrhagic dengue in the South West of the country (Retalhuleu etc), which has caused 4 deaths thus far. So far 1,186 cases have been reported, out of which 26 have been confirmed as  hemorrhagic dengue (the serious one). Fortunately, living up in the cold mountain air here in Xela means that we’re safe, but if you’re planning to head South West then be sure to pack bucket loads of repellant.

Community Spirit Shines Through

Nothing like a good ol’ tale of community spirit to warm the hearts and souls. Remember last month when we wrote about how the Municipal Government’s plans to fix up the streets of Xela weren’t exactly going to plan? Well, residents have come together to decide that enough-is-enough and that they need to take matters into their own hands. Neighborhood groups have begun to spring up across the city where public works to improve the streets have been promised but not delivered. The Follow-Up Committees aim to keep an eye of the local government and make sure they follow through with their promises. And when that fails, they have been getting their own hands dirty and pooling together to get things done on their own: on the 20th of July more than 500 men and women teamed together with spades and brooms to clean up the drainage systems in badly affected parts of the city.

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