P o p p i n g

Long Walk for Justice

Oswaldo Ochoa is not a name many of us would have heard before June, but last month he completed the 200km (125 miles) trip from Xela to Guatemala City… on foot! Ochoa, known as Quixote, arrived in the capital one week after leaving his home in Xela. Inspired by Gandhi, Ochoa went on hunger strike during his pilgrimage, only drinking tea and juices. He arrived in the capital 4kg (9lbs) lighter, wearing a straw hat, a Guatemalan flag draped across his shoulders and with his feet covered in blisters. His march was in protest against the on-going corruption in Guatemala, & on arrival he called for the resignation of President Perez Molina. His arrival in the capital was greeted by cheering crowds, a fitting tribute to a 62 year old man who had completed a grueling journey. I just hope he remembered to bring money for the bus home.


F lo p p i n g

Almost Raining

In issue 118 we carried the warning about the imminent rainy season in Guatemala, and how we were supposed to be entering into the days of torrential rain and rivers in the street. But just a few weeks in and it has all changed again. Now we seem to be heading into to a tropical heat wave. But, please make use of it because at this rate who knows what the next weeks could bring us. Hurricanes? Snow storms? Yet again the weather continues to be the hot topic (we are all about the jokes here!) of conversation. There is nothing like making idle chit chat about how hot it is outside or how heavy it was raining. Gripping stuff! In our defense we at XelaWho have never claimed to be able to predict the weather, I know we are great, but not that great. But next time you leave the house, maybe you should pack for all weather occurrences.



Life’a a Cabaret
Looking for something new do on those long, lonely weeknights in Xela (asides from being a good student and studying your Spanish vocabulary of course)? This month you’re in for a treat with an exciting event landing in Xela. On Thursday, 23rd of July Chatia Artesana, near la Puente de Chocoyos, will be hosting a night of live music and cabaret from the group Fusion. A dynamic show will be on offer to all members of the public for only Q35. It will be kicking off (excuse the pun) at 7:30pm and tickets can be purchased from Artesano before the event.
Art Attack!
Attention all Art lovers! Between the 14th and 16th of July, Xela will be hosting a Festival of “Emergent Art”. Now, we’re not quite sure exactly what “Emergent Art” is but it sounds very exciting. The events will be held in three locations across the city: The Alianza Francesca, Galeria Vessica and Humberto Garavito. The three day event will see an array of exhibitions and workshops held in these three venues, showcasing art from some exciting artists, both national and international. There’s even a workshop on bricología, which we think has something to do with bricks – lego building perhaps? Entrance to all exhibitions is free, and there is a charge of 25 Quetzales per person to take part in each workshop.


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