Laughter by the Bucket Load

By Kin Entertainment

“My Candidate Ain’t Chafa (shoddy)” is a comedy theatre show about the adventures of a group of shopkeepers who, tired of the same campaign promises election after election, resolve to form their own political party. Brace yourselves for two hours of laughter, quips and gags in which you’ll witness timely satire about the political figures of our country in 2015’s presidential race.
The Plot: Maco, Marta, Pancho and Charly are vendors in the popular Plaza El Amata. They resolve to join other merchants to form the political party, El Amate Front, in order to enter the election race.
The staging takes place in one of the stores of the Plaza El Amate, where the shopkeepers propose Mack, one of them, as their presidential candidate due to numerous political scandals that have recently come to light in the country.
About the cast: The play is directed by Jorge Ramirez, and the cast includes Mónica Sarmientos, Rodolfo Romero, Yenfer Maquiz, Efrén Celada, Stanley Woods & Jorge Ramirez himself.
Parodied politicians: During the play “Roxy” in on a quest to find a new candidate for her party, since “Handsomeboy” left her in the middle of a crisis with the IRS. One of the most applauded scenes in the play is the conversation between Alfonso Portillo and the current president Otto Perez Molina, in which they discuss the “Pollo Ronco´s” (Portillo) political comeback and the government´s dire financial straits.
What the director has to say about the presentation play in Xela: Jorge Ramírez, the general director and producer of the play, is excited about its presentation in Quetzaltenango, since this was originally a proposal he presented during the 2011 elections. He says the play will resonate with many because the candidate presented by El Amate has values that have been lost in modern-day society. The social criticism is also very pertinent, Ramirez says, since it parodies and makes fun of real politicians that are currently seeking political power in Guatemala.
“We are convinced that the public of Xela will have a great time enjoying the humour and denouncement in Mi Candidato No Es Chafa. The play is a catharsis – we want to be the voice of the people that are tired of corruption and all the troubles that have been caused by Guatemala´s political class”, adds Ramirez.
About the presentation in Quetzaltenango: There will only be one show of the performance in Xela on Thursday, August 13th at 8.30pm at Teatro Roma (right next to the Municipal Theatre). Ticket prices are Q125 for a single ticket and Q200 for a pair of tickets (couples price is only valid for pre-sale). We deem it worth mentioning that we will have the full cast, props and scenography that were used for the performances of the play in Guatemala City, where the show was a huge hit.
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