With this month’s trendy it was very difficult to condense all of what has been going on into one article. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past few months, or if you are new in town, Guatemala is witnessing one of the biggest campaigns for political change in decades. Hundreds of thousands have already taken part in protests over the past months, and social media has been alight with people discussing all the goings on. As usual, we at Xelawho are here to guide you through the best of what the Internet has to offer regarding everything that has been happening.

So where for us to start? Look no further than XelaWho’s favorite politician, Roxana Baldetti. The ex-vice president of Guatemala has occupied more column inches in the past 6 months than anyone else, due to her outrageous remarks (see previous editions) and her all round idiocy. This month, various pictures online showed Baldetti in her hospital bed, with a priest at her side reading from the bible…her last rights perhaps? This picture sparked mad hysteria as social media users clambered to get their own versions out. @Guatemala carried the picture with Baldetti saying “and they lived happily ever after”, but @jegomez1 used the same picture with the line “right now practicing an exorcism with Baldetti.” As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the picture to be linked to the 1970s film classic “The Exorcist”, with a screen shot of the horror film with Baldetti in the bed instead of the vomiting green child. Another version of the picture, from one Facebook user said “meanwhile in the Centro Medico” and has been seen (at the time of writing this) over 100,000 times and shared over 5000 times.

Baldetti has been in court over the last week, awaiting the verdict of her trial regarding the allegations that she was involved in the customs corruption scandal that has rocked the country. On Sunday (23rd August) President Otto Perez called a news conference, with many expecting him to resign. Perez maintained he has done nothing wrong and will continue in office until the elections. @Sara-Riera shared a photo of the current President locked in a tight embrace with another man with “hug me son, Baldetti has fallen and I feel that they are coming for me”.

We couldn’t forget about Baldizon also, who is seen as the front runner to be the next President of Guatemala. Probably as scary a prospect as seeing Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination and then going on to win the presidency. One picture of Baldizon on Facebook showed him calling for a massive demonstration, and below a picture of clowns with Lider candidates super imposed over the top. I think someone was reading last month’s edition (121) of Xelawho. My favorite was from the Facebook page VERSUS, which shows a picture of Baldizon and an old sinking ship, and asking “which one is more proactive”.

But I couldn’t end this section without mentioning my favorite candidate, Juan Gutierrez of PAN. Youtube users might have seen his adverts pop up on their pages and they are worth a watch! @vikingogua shared a fantastic picture of Gutierrezas a chef holding an animal with Baldettis face photoshoped above on to it. The message below simply reads “leave her with me and I’ll make Ceviche with her”.

Some trending images from August


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