Design Thinking in Xela

by Julia Urizar

Design Thinking is a methodology that uses methods of sensitivity in which designers match their ideas with feasible technology and, as economically viable as possible, with imagination and a business structure of the developing world. This creative project incorporates a number of unique features: from design to administration, from medicine to art, from the kitchen to engineering. Design is a relatively new concept in Guatemala and has recently been gaining momentum throughout the country.

Recently, La Ciudad de Imaginacaion (, an institution in Xela that for more than five years has sought to stimulate critical thinking among the local community through a public program that includes art exhibitions, labs, discussions and workshops. It is able to generate a unique space for artistic creation in the city. This amazing vision was implemented by Oscar Anibal Pozuelos last month.

Approximately 25 participants, including cultural entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists, architects and designers of Quetzaltenango, shared for two days the practice of this methodology, which is used worldwide by the likes of Google, Apple and Zara.  This technique is developed to apply a creative and collaborative approach to all professional and personal challenges that face this new generation. Besides being fun, the Design Thinking methodology can be applied by people from all disciplines who wish to improve their capacity for innovation, problem solving and facing challenges, in bot an alternative but highly effective and practical way.

Oscar Anibal Pozuelos is a strategic Spanish-Guatemalan designer and visual communicator with experience working for both large corporations like Disney, as well as valuable social, educational and cultural projects. These topics cover giving lectures on strategic design and design thinking, such as Global Social Business Summit in 2011, in Madrid, the Creative Mornings 2012-2013 and the Service Jam from 2012 ( also in Madrid). Oscar did his masters at the European Institute of Design in Milan, a program made in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus. Through this program he was able to explore how design thinking can be used to develop products and services that can be used to generate replicable models of Social Business initiatives.

For Oscar Pozuelos, coming into contact with these design approaches, businesses and entrepreneurs expanded their perceptions of what design can achieve. Usually the design is relegated to the creative realization of an idea for a market manipulation and relates solely to the work of those who consider themselves ‘designers’.

Are you interested in exploring how design can foster social innovation, raise awareness and social value through implementation of strategic solutions focused on people? Everyone can apply to be part of this wonderful collaboration. To learn more visit Oscar at Be sure not to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.


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