On Latin American Authors and Novels (Part 1)

by  Diana Pastor

Are you looking for some options to improve your Spanish, or simply to be entertained? We can recommend you some of the most prominent Latin American authors, along with some of their best works.

One of the most brilliant is Jorge Luis Borges. An Argentine intellectual, he is a favourite among the more philosophical and scientific readers. A Universal History of Iniquity, Fictions and The Aleph are among his most impressive works.

Julio Cortázar, also an Argentine, has a great and indeterminate style which navigates the reader through worlds of possibilities. His most famous novel, Hopscotch, is accompanied by other stories of unsurpassed quality, such as The Island at Noon and Other Stories, Bestiary, and Cronopios and Famas.

Alejo Carpentier, Cuban, mixes in his books the voluptuousness of America with his European expertise. Top recommendations are his famous Age of Enlightenment or his essays, which, while not novels or stories, are literary delicacies.

The Uruguayan Mario Benedetti, a prominent poet, is a delight for those who want to read something a little easier, but of no lesser quality in terms of content. Mail time, forgotten memories and many other short stories, along with his collection of novels, deserve to be taken into account.

Mario Vargas Llosa, is a Peruvian writer with a funny and creative stye. His novels, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, The Time of the Hero, and The Green House are all highly entertaining and easy to digest.

Gabriel García Márquez, the famous Colombian writer, is perfect for those who like the tragicomic novel, full of inexplicable events based on real situations. Although his book One Hundred Years of Solitude is his most popular, we recommend Chronicle of a Death Foretold as well.

Finally, we have Juan Rulfo, a Mexican anthropologist who, like Marquez, is an exponent of magic realism, making his works rich with imagination with taints of the socio-cultural. Pedro Páramo, which seems to be a kind of dream literature, is very admirable.

Whether you read them in Spanish or translated into your own language, I can assure you that either way will be an interesting introduction to the world of Latin literature. In our next article we will recommend some Guatemalan literature and writers.

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