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Miss Quetzaltenango

The 24th of August saw one of Xela’s most anticipated evenings of year when Linda Celina Cifuentes Rios was chosen and crowned as Miss Quetzaltenango, 2012-2013. Xela’s newest beauty queen is 19 years old and studies International Relations at the Universidad Rafael Landival. She was chosen for her beauty (obviously…), stage performance and social engagement with vulnerable populations. Long live the Queen!

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Post-Feria Hangovers

All parties have their comedowns. And after Xela’s party of the year you can expect the mother of all hangovers (especially since this is the only time of the year bars are legally allowed to stay open all night). Here’s our top tips to ease those aching brains: 1). Drink a pint of water before you pass out. 2) Try a sauna the day after and sweat it all out. Or even better, head on down to Fuentes Georginas and chill in the hot springs. 3) Get your vitamins in! Eating lots of fruit, ginger and garlic works a treat. 4) If all else fails then go for a ‘hair of dog’ and start drinking again!

Icaro Film Festival Hits Xela

This month in Xela there is going to be prelude to the Icaro International Festival of Central American Film, due to take place in Guatemala City between the 15 and 24th of November, 2012. The last week of this month  (24th – 30th), Alianza Francesa, Casa Noj and the Centro Cultural Agosto Monterroso will all be showing Central American films in Xela as part of the build up to the festival in November. Between the 24th and 27th at 6pm the Alianza Francesa will be showing films and documentaries that were nominated for or won awards at the 2011 Film Festival. From Monday to Friday at 6.30pm the Centro Cultural Agosto Monterroso will be showing the following films: Otredad, La piel donde vivo, El lugar más pequeno y de Imagina, videodanza en 3 actos. Check out the facebook pages to keep up to date with what else is on: &

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