Culture Strike in Xela this October

by Julio Urizar

This October, a huge public art and cultural festival is about to hit Xela. At Paro Cultural #17-0 or “Culture Strike #17”, artists, entrepreneurs, cultural contributors and community members will take over Xela in an interactive public festival of art and culture. Participants will occupy four areas around Xela with art, culture and fun activities  for the whole community.

The aim of Paro Cultural is to inundate Xela with culture and art to build cultural linkages between diverse members of Xela’s community. The event will also be a great chance to promote cultural expression among the people and groups that come down to participate in the activities. As there will be a range of groups, artists and types of artistic expression, artists will be able to express themselves freely and interact their art with participating organized groups and neighbours interested in cultural expression.

Culture and art are powerful mediums to regenerate the social fabric of our community, promote critical thinking and stimulate community entrepreneurship in our region. Organizers hope that the festival will be a place to reconnect with our artistic selves and take back our right to live together in Xela’s streets with security, peace and diversity.

The Paro Cultural will run on Saturday, October 17th from 9am til 1pm. For most readers down in Zona 1 the best place to get involved is at Los Chocoyos Bridge just next to Artesano and Blue Angel in Zona 1 (about a 5 minute walk from Parque Central).

The other festival sites are dispersed around Xela but will be linked through social networks. The locations are: 1) 5th Calle between 14 y 15 Avenida in Zona 3 (in front of the Ciudad de la Imaginación – City of Imagination); 2) Colonia Vista Bella in Zona 11; 3) Colonia El Maestro in Zona 8 (Galería 4×4).

The Paro Cultural Art and Culture Festival is a project run by students studying a Diploma in Artistic and Cultural Project Management at the Ciudad de Imaginación (City of Imagination), a local contemporary art organization that runs exhibitions, cultural events and classes. The 20 Paro Cultural organizers from are all committed to creating a better society through cultural initiatives.

This is a unique opportunity for Xela’s artists to get together, build networks and have a greater cultural influence in our community. Paro Cultural will be a very creative space where everyone can share whatever they like to do. Artists will take to the streets so that all of Xela’s residents and visitors can enjoy Xela’s cultural assets in a public festival.

There will be activities for all the family including: food, design, photography, painting, literature, local culture, theater, music, dance and much more! If you would like to display an activity or art, get in in touch with the organizers via Facebook at Paro Cultural #17-0

So come down and check out some amazing displays of art and local culture at Xela’s Culture Stike Paro Cultural #17-0 at Los Chocoyos Bridge on Saturday October 17th from 9am til 1pm!


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