P o p p i n g

Rising from the ashes

It was hard to see anything positive coming out of the tragic fire that consumed 11 businesses in the Centro Historíco in June, causing millions in damage, leaving five people hospitalized with serious burns. But Xela is always one to surprise with its indefatigable community spirit: after the fire, local group Sacándole Brillo a Xela (SBX) commenced the beautifully named “Operación Fenix” (Operation Phoenix), during which they succeeded in fundraising a whopping Q60,000 from generous local residents, which they donated to the victims of the fire and to the Oficina del Centro Histórico to help with reconstruction efforts. The operation finished last month 60 posters that were distributed throughout the Centro Histórico advising local businesses how to prevent fires. Let´s hope they work.


F lo p p i n g

Feria Flop

Thousands of people arrived at the CEFEMERQ for the inauguration of  Xelefer 2015 last month to be greeted by a half empty field. The famous international fairground rides that come to town for the Xelafer each year were nowhere to be seen. This was a huge disappointment because many people make the trek to CEFEMERQ especially to go on the rides that come from abroad, given that the nationally owned fairground rides range from shit to life-endangering.

It was soon announced that the company that owns the rides was delayed at the border, supposedly (if rumours floating around Xela are true) because they delayed signing the contract with the Muni due to entering into protracted negotiations with the latter after they demanded a huge hike in the  fee the company had to pay to set up their rides at the feria. They eventually came to an agreement, settling on a fee of Q123,000, although they didn’t manage to arrive to set up at CEFEMERQ until the Thursday, with only 4 days left until the Xelafer closed until next year.



Last month an explosive book was published by Lord Ashcroft, an old pal of British Prime Minister David Cameron who threw a tantrum when he felt his school buddy spurned him over a senior ministerial job in Cameron’s government following the 2010 general election.

The book included an insane allegation that during Cameron’s time as a member of the Piers Gaveston Society, a secretive all-male dining society at Oxford University open only to the extremely wealthy  and famous for its debauchery, the Prime Minister once put his penis into the mouth of a dead pig whilst the pig head was in another student’s lap.

Social media went into a frenzy over the allegations, quickly erupting over the #PigGate and #Hameron hashtags and resulting in some hilarious Tweets and memes:

“I bet he had a lardon”

“I wonder who squealed.”

“”What’s wrong, Piglet,” asked Pooh, concerned. “I got an invitation to Downing Street,” he said”

“’Now, I’ve had, the swine of my life.”

“I think we should all give @David_Cameron a break from the pig tweets now. Let’s call a hamnesty.”

“Well David Cameron did say his favourite team is West Ham”

Check out the hashtag for some of the hilarious memes.


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