P o p p i n g

New football stands

Great news for super-chivo fans out there who don’t want to have to worry about not being able to get tickets for all the important football games here in Xela – this September it was announced that new stands are confirmed to be built in Xela’s Mario Camposeco Stadium. The planned constructions are going to cost a whopping Q15 million and will take six months, but if all goes to plan (fingers crossed) they will add another 9,000 persons to the stadium’s capacity.

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Bye bye feria

Well September certainly went by with a bang – that was one hell of a party! But indeed we wouldn’t expect anything less from our beloved Xela – during the 14th and 15th the city was crawling from people all over the country coming to enjoy the now legendary festivities. Even people from the capital arrived in their droves to spend the weekend here, claiming that no-one does Independence Day celebrations quite like we do. And we’d be inclined to agree. Until next year!

Talking Points: Tourism

Talk to any local business owner, bar tender, waiter, Spanish teacher or tour guide in Xela at the moment and tourism is almost certainly bound to pop up in conversation. Or, the lack of tourism to put it more aptly. The period after the Independence Day celebrations and before the Christmas holidays is always a low season for tourism in Xela, but it is rare to see it drop to this low – with Spanish schools dropping to only a few students each and popular tourist hang-outs battling over the few that remain. Theories abound and make for interesting small talk – is it  because of the economic crisis and all the accompanying belt-tightening in the US and Europe? Is it because of Guatemala’s bad reputation for crime and theft? Are Mexico, El Salvador, Belize or even South East Asia stealing all the tourists? And, most importantly, will the tourists be coming back for the Christmas Holidays?


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