The Super Chivos Have Got Their Mojo Back!

XW 124 Portada Small JPEGFor all you sports fans looking to get your fix while you’re in town or those just wanting to get a taste of local culture, Xela’s own football/soccer team the Super Chivos (Super Goats) have got their mojo back this season. The boys in red and blue are currently leading Guatemala’s National Football league by quite a distance – a shock to anyone who watched more than 15 minutes of the Superchivo’s performances last season.

From their stellar performance in 2011-2012 which led Xela to be Guatemalan champions, the Chivos crashed out of La Liga Nacional de Guatemala last year, winning just 8 games all season and missing out on the play-offs. In a dramatic turnaround, Xela have won 9 games already this season with 8 more to play. So play-offs here we come, the Chivos are back!

When the Chivos are doing well, checking out a home game is a must do for anyone passing through Xela. Mario Camposeco Stadium is the ancestral home of the Superchivos and is a convenient 5 minute walk up the road from Parque Central. Tickets can be bought at the door for around 20 Quetzales which won’t break the bank and a cool litro de cerveza will set you back just Q15. Tip: If you want to go to a big home game or final, get you tickets early in the day otherwise they’ll sell out.

The home crowd at the Chivo Stadium is almost more entertaining than the on-field action. Supporters get to the stadium way before the game to dance, shout, chant, drink and light fireworks. Often you can’t even see the game because of the plumes of smoke from fireworks being let off in the stands!

The core Chivo supporters are divided into two main camps: La Curva (The Curve) at the North end of the stadium and El Sexto Estado (The Sixth State) at the South end. La Curva is the older camp of the two and is actually the oldest supporter association in Guatemala. The younger El Sexto Estado is named after the movement led by Xela in 1838 to secede from Guatemala and form the “Sixth State of the Highlands.”

La Curva has an organized band and even write their own songs. The Sexto Estado are younger and a bit more rambunctious. With the Sexto Estado, there’ll be folks throwing fireworks on the field and chanting catching tunes such as “he’s not a goalkeeper, he’s a cabaret dancer” and others than are too crude for such a high-brow publication as XelaWho. Get some mates together and choose a side! Either way you’ll have a blast.

When the Chivos win a Guatemalan national title, they call it a Luna (Moon) rather than a star as most teams around the world do. Xela’s has won 5 Lunas since being founded in 1928 (the club was called Germania back then) and is in the hunt for their Sexta Luna this year.

So get a group together and go check out a Chivos home game during this year of the goat! ¡Vamos Superchivos hasta la Sexta Luna!


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