P o p p i n g

We at Xelawho believe that Xela is the only place to be, basically most of the time. However, we also understand that sometimes it´s necessary to jump off the deep end, go hang with some hippies, and swim in a pool when it´s not really that hot out. That´s right, we´re talking about Lake Atitlan, affectionately known as “the Lake”. If you want to have the kind of New Year´s that is basically like every traveler is a cast member of the “Real World: Gringos in Guatemala”, look no further. You´re sure to experience a wide range of Lake experiences, including being invited to do yoga on New Year´s Day (are you f#$%king joking?), your ears bleeding from listening to hours of reggaeton and techno, and having a rasta proposition you and not knowing if you should or shouldn´t take them up on it.


F lo p p i n g

Even though your XelaWho editors continually demonstrate to you, nuestro querido reader, that Xela is the place to be, you seem to still want to leave Xela during December.

Now, it´s fine that you have a family, and probably other people who you want to see during the holidays. We get that. What could possibly be “flopping” about that, you ask? Well, what about us?

Those of us who are too broke to fly home to Australia, or whatever mystical place we may be from. Those of us who work night and day for several days a month to bring you the hard-hitting news you deserve. To be clear, this isn´t an attempt to steal you from your loved ones during the holidays. This is an attempt to convince you that if what you´re worried about is not having someone to party with, fear not. We´re here.

Jimmy Morales

If you remember from the November edition of Xelawho, we featured Jimmy Morales in our “popping” section. Not to downplay the poder (power) behind his candidacy, because his nomination was truly a monumental moment for Guatemala, but some of us aren´t holding our breath for the perfect prince to arrive.

Jimmy’s comic career is speckled with quite a few inappropriate references to poor people of Guatemala, and once he donned blackface as part of a skit making fun of campesinos (country folk).

Human rights activists have also criticized him for his sexist and homophobic references, and have tried to bring to light that although his campaign was basically run on throwing corruption out of Guatemalan politics, he is very closely associated with militares (soldiers) from the civil war in his political party.

Plus, Jimmy has mentioned that Guatemala has “not yet lost Belize”, which doesn´t bode well. But, at least it´s no Balzidon or Baldetti.

When all is said and done, maybe he was the better option, we´re rooting for you, Jimmy!

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