World in Briefs


A 24-year-old woman who has been missing for 10 years was found living in an internet café by pólice officers in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang. After a fight with her parents, the then 14-year-old girl ran away from home to pursue what we, at Xelawho, can only assume is every young adults dream: gaming and Facebooking all day, every day.  In other news, apparently police officers do routine checks on internet cafes?


Gun officers responded to quite a terrifying call in the Stevenage railway station in Hertfordshire, England. The concerned caller alerted officers that there was a man carrying a suspicious, gun-looking item in the rail station. However, when officers arrived, the suspicious, gun-looking item turned out to be a cheese sandwich. “We would urge anyone else who is suspicious or concerned about anything they see or hear to do the same thing and contact us”, said one of the responding officers, “especially if there are any suspicious cakes, sodas, or sweets”.



Watch out Kim Kardashian, there may be a new selfie queen on the scene. Don Roberts, a NYC tourist, managed to catch a “rat in the act” of taking a selfie while waiting for a subway in Brooklyn. According to Roberts, the rat climbed on a sleeping fellow subway patron and reached into the pocket of the man´s jacket. The rat activated the camera on the phone and snapped the classic “going to work” selfie, which is said to be the first of its kind for the fermin family. The photo´s caption: “can´t wait til lunch, going to order sushi to the office! #sushi #headingtowork #otherpeoplesphones #imarat #allrats.”



Known for his riveting role in “Transformers”, and not really much else, actor Shia LaBeouf recently held the most humble film marathon ever, called “All My Movies”. LaBeouf invited his fans to join him in watching 60 straight hours of his own films (could you even imagine?) for free at a local Manhattan theatre. Attendees reported that LaBeouf, while watching the movies, experienced a range of emotions, including intense staring, intense sleepiness, and even crying. New York University student, Alex Martin, said he went “just to say I did it… You know, just to say I was there”.



The integrity of Zimbabwe´s Mister Ugly contest is at risk, says the reigning champion. William Masvinu, a four-title Mister Ugly veteran, says the new winner just doesn´t represent what the contest is about. “I am naturally ugly. He is not. He is ugly only when he opens his mouth”, said Masvinu. Apparently Masvinu wasn´t the only one in protest, as his previous supporters mobbed the judges after the announced the winner. What cost Masvinu the crown? “… Masvinu thought he is so ugly that he didn´t need to try hard. That cost him”, said one of the judges.

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