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New Xela Pub Crawl

To be the leading culture and nightlife magazine in Xela, we here at Xelawho put in long days (and nights…) to bring you the you truth, la verdadera verdad, on what’s going on in Xelatown. This means we’re out and about constantly, trying new restaurants, bars, going to shows, and joining parades so we can report back to you, our trusty readers.

One thing you must know is Xela’s nightlife scene is growing by the month, much to our wallets’ dismay… and it’s about to get taken up a notch further. We would like to be the first ones to announce the Xela Pub Crawl, which is scheduled to debut in the final weeks of January. Keep your eyes and ears open for more info as the time draws near. Check out or search XelaWhoMag on Facebook for updates.


F lo p p i n g


If you were here in Xela on December 17th, you probably felt the fairly strong earthquake that shook the city (and this writer’s soul!). Earthquakes can be pretty scary if you’re from a place where they’re not so common, so it’s good to be as prepared as possible.

Probably the most commonly made mistake is to run from inside to outside immediately when the earthquake starts—this is false! If you’re inside you should stay inside, and if you’re outside stay outside. If you’re in a building, try and be at the center of the building and under a door frame. If you’re outside, stand away from powerlines and other structures. Try and stay calm, and they usually pass without much damage. You’ll certainly get a lot of laughs from your Guatemalan mates if you lose your cool.


It’s that time of year again—the time of year when we all set goals for the New Year and try our half-assed best to stick to them until Valentine’s Day.

It isn’t a secret, though, that sticking to these resolutions can be a bit tough. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 38% of Americans “absolutely never” keep to their New Year’s resolutions. Most of us are familiar with this defeat, and it can be really crushing.

Instead of beating yourselves up about not meeting your– let’s be honest— out-of-reach goals, we thought we’d introduce you to the holiday called “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day”! The internet says that January 17this the official day to ditch your positive life choices, because what’s the point of ditching your resolutions in secret, sneaking a cookie at the supermarket, or smoking a cigarette in the bathroom? Call your mates and make a day out of it! We’ll meet you on the 17th at Salon Tecun in Pasaje Enriquez for a pizza and beer.

As always, your faithful editor will bravely lead the charge with a resolution to lay off the cusha (what the folks passed out in the street are drinking). Let’s see how long that lasts since an octavo (125ml) goes for a very reasonable 50 centavos and comes free with the worst hangover you’ve ever had!


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