With the highest number of Facebook users in Central America and a Twitter population growing by the thousands every month, social media can be a great place to find out what’s buzzing in Guatemala. Of course, there’s also a whole lot of nonsense posted online too, but at XelaWho we like nonsense so here are some of last month’s social media trends, with the interesting & the informative alongside the vacuous & the ludicrous.

Acclaimed actor #seanpenn doesn’t really make the news much anymore. He isn’t one of those actors that seems to be in every movie (*cough* Paul Rudd *cough*), nor is he known for his outlandish behavior. That is, until he got the chance to interview the infamous Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman — Mexico’s (previously) most wanted drug cartel kingpin. To say that the coordination and execution the interview was difficult would be the understatement of the year, and wouldn’t have been possible without the connection (and translation services) of Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, a confidant and friend/non-enemy of Guzman. I know what you’re thinking— “why is it that those who don’t even speak Spanish get all the cool job opportunities in Latin America, anyway?” Well, my friend, apparently you just need to be Sean Penn.

The tale of the meeting, paired with Penn’s humble recount of what happened (he apparently farted in front of El Chapo!) is excellent and we here at Xelawho strongly recommend reading Penn’s Rolling Stone article. Of course, Guatemalans and the rest of the world took to social media to express their concern for Sean Penn’s common sense (with him earning the name Penn-dejo, which is a play on the word pendejo, meaning “dumb ass”), and others tagging him in posts about news of new prisoner escapees. “Oh, two men have escaped prison in la capi! Who’s going to call Sean?”

Penn has expressed much regret about how the interview has been received by the public. He has even said that he believes his article has “failed”. And although we understand his desire to contribute to the dialogue on the war on drugs, Penn might be best kept in front of the camera.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, social media is abuzz with posts ranging from incredibly cheesy 150-character professions of love (which, you know, is, like, totally sentimental) and incredibly sarcastic disses on dating, being date-less, and all things associated.  #NoEsEl14deFebreroPero (it’s not February 14th, but…) is a trending hashtag, boasting posts such as pictures of delicious desserts and hilarious mixtape playlists, and as @lamala says “Tinder ya anda al full” — basically, Tinder’s always there for you, and —“todos andan dando super likes”— and folks are pretty desperate out there.

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