Guatemala’s All New Undercover Guys

By Fathouse Productions

XelaWho broke the news last October that the president and vice president jailed last year for corruption were actually undercover anti-corruption agents, since Vice President Baldetti helped reveal corruption scandals when in Congress and President Pérez Molina said that with his leadership, “there will be ZERO tolerance for corruption.” The question was: why did the rest of the media not reveal their involvement in huge scandals had been part of a sting?

The answer is now clear: so President Jimmy Morales can use similar tactics. Morales was elected last year on a platform of transparency that was notoriously short on substance. As an outsider to the political system (he is a comedian by trade), he (also) promised zero tolerance for corruption. His inspiring campaign slogan was “Not corrupt, or a thief.”

So how’s his first month going? Effective! 1 of 14 cabinet members is under pressure to resign for suspected corruption, 1 of 1 chief advisor has a warrant out for his arrest for crimes against humanity, and four of his proposals for Minister of Government were rejected due to links to black ops groups that operated outside the law during and after the civil war.

If Morales had never shrewdly named Sherry Ordonez Minister of Communication to bring her misdeeds to light, reporters would never have scrutinized her engineering firm’s records. She would never have been forced to claim that for some reason eight contracts for infrastructure projects that totaled over $2 million from 2006-2014 had nothing to do with her firm, even though her signature and her firm’s seal appear on public documents related to the contracts.

Meanwhile, Morales’ closest campaign advisor, Coronel Edgar Ovalle, and 18 other ex-military leaders had warrants issued on January 6th for alleged involved in massacres and disappearances of hundreds of people in the area of Cobán (near Semuc Champey) in the 80s. XelaWho is first to report that Ovalle and others are actually the whistleblowers on the war crimes, not the perpetrators.

Our evidence: Ovalle is free because he has Congressional immunity; he happens to be a Congressman for the president’s party, FCN, and the chairman of FCN’s block in Congress. He’s not just some war criminal. Further, Ovalle, along with at least 11 more of the 18 arrested, is a graduate of the famous School of the Americas (SOA), run by the US military to train “the good guys” to fight “the bad guys,” thereby protecting democracy and freedom.

One of the 11 SOA graduates arrested is Gen. Manuel Antonio Callejas y Callejas, Director of Intelligence during some of the darkest years of a civil war that killed or “disappeared” around 250,000 people. He was arrested specifically for the “disappearance” of one person. Emma Thiessen was arrested in 1981 for carrying Communist literature. She was tortured and repeatedly raped in Xela’s military base (later converted into the Centro Intercultural that’s said to be haunted), but escaped. Soldiers went to her family’s home and carried off her 14-year-old little brother, Marco Antonio, in a bag. He never reappeared.

Callejas y Callejas’ tenure also coincides with scores of mass rural massacres and the murders of dozens of professors and union leaders and four priests. How do we know Callejas y Callejas is innocent and just trying to bring attention to the crimes in order to defend democracy? He graduated twice from the SOA, in 1964 and 1970, and in 1988, the US State Department inducted him into the SOA’s exclusive [real, no joke] Hall of Fame. Keep up the good work, “good guys”!

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