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Jazz It Up!

The 8th annual Jazz Festival is under way already and it’s looking to be better than ever. This year’s festival will include performances by musicians from all over the world, including Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, USA, France, Spain, as well as local artists from Xela. La Alianza Francesa, our go-to place for all things French, is proud to introduce the French jazz trio Journal Intime. The trio is comprised of trumpet, saxophone, and trombone, and focuses on interpreting famous music projects with a jazzy spin. This year the group’s focus is on the one-and-only Voodoo Child, Jimi Hendrix. Plan to be taken on a psychedelic musical journey like nothing you’ve heard before. The festival runs from the 26th of February to the 16th of March, and all shows will be at the Municipal Theatre. Check the events section for more specific information on concert times.


F lo p p i n g

Zika Off!

The Health Department of Quetzaltenango has, so far, confirmed 7 cases of the Zika virus in the Department of Quetzaltenango. Although 5 of the 7 confirmed patients are originally from other departments, health officials want to stress the risks of contracting the virus in Guatemala. Little is known about the long-term effects of the virus, other than the fact that it is transmissible from mother to baby during pregnancy (expecting mothers — be careful!). Local epidemiologist Ana Gómez says that those who travel to the south coast of Guatemala are at the highest risk of contracting the virus, but that measures can be taken to prevent it. Lots of strong mosquito repellent and long sleeves (the most comfortable combination of preventative measures when you’re in Monterico without any AC) can really go a long way. The good news is that after you’ve contracted the virus once, you’re likely to be protected from future infections.

Women Scream

The Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival (Grito de Mujer®) is a worldwide festival celebrated in March, where institutions, poets and artists of different countries volunteer to honor women, sending messages of self-esteem, respect and rising voices against violence on women. The festival’s mission is to honor women and honor victims of violence and oppression through artistic expressions during the whole month of March.

The festival has been running in Xela since 2012, and this year Poetry Slam Xela, a local poetry group whose mission is to organize local talent and host events related to poetry, will be organizing the Slam. Each year, the festival honors the daily struggles of women. This year’s festival is called “Desert Flowers” and aims to transcend gender binaries to build a new, more inclusive model of freedom of speech.

If you are interested and would like to join the festival in some capacity, all poets, artists, and community members are invited to attend the event to enjoy some powerful music and poetry performances.

Check out Poetry Slam Xela on Facebook



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