Help the Street Dogs and Cats of Xela

Xelawho has published many articles about Guatemalan street dogs. People often say that being a poor, indigenous, young woman is the worst status one can have as a Guatemalan, and that is certainly true in many respects. It is also the case for stray dogs and cats, who endure a hard life on the streets and have no opportunity to defend themselves against animal abuse. It isn’t necessary to recount details about the many atrocities that some Guatemalans commit against dogs or stray cats, but recently there was a very sad case of a wild dog that was killed with firecrackers. It’s for this reason that  I dedicate this month’s article to promote some of the groups dedicated to the protection of animals. If you are interested in working with stray dogs and cats in Xela (although there are by far many more abandoned and stray dogs than cats), I encourage you to get involved with one of the organizations listed below. I know that many of our readers are travelers in Xela, there are others who choose to live in Xela temporarily for work or Spanish study who are interested in knowing how to get involved (see our new “Stuck in Xela” article for a monthly spotlight on some of the long-term celebs of town). So, whether you’re in Xela for a short or long stay, there are opportunities to get in involved.

Colitas Felices (“Happy Tails”) is a group that has garnered quite a bit of attention recently due to the organization’s rapid growth. Their mission is focused on rescuing and sterilizing stray dogs and cats, and then finding them a loving and responsible home. They have established a shelter to house the animals, so that the animals have temporary homes until they can find a permanent family to live with. The organization has a store for pet accessories, and where they also also hold raffles to raise funds to pay medical expenses for the animals.

Organizations la Asociación Huellas Xela (“The Association of Xela Footprints”) and Amigo Fiel (“Loyal Friend”) also focus on finding stray dogs forever homes, similar to Colitas Felices. If you’re looking for a quick way to get involved in working in this area, check out the organization Voces por los Animals (“Voices for the Animals”). Voces is a volunteer group that aims to support existing organizations with various projects.

Some good news related to this topic was abuzz a few weeks ago when several college students of San Carlos University of Guatemala presented a bill before Congress to make animal abuse a punishable offense. The bill has yet to be approved, but it is certainly amazing to see students making a great effort on behalf of our furry friends to put a stop to animal abuse.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, volunteer or would like to make a donation to any of the organizations mentioned above, please see the contact information listed below.


Huellas Xela: Tel: 59854525 and 56999474 / Facebook: Asociación Huellas XELA

Amigo Fiel: Tel: 54380583 and 42670705 / Email:

Colitas Felices: Tel: 56999474 / Facebook: Colitas felices-Happy tails

Voces por los Animales: Email: / Facebook: Voces por los animales

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