Many rural-living Guatemalans have very little access to water- which in some cases means that families will have to walk kilometers to fill a small bucket with untreated water to last them a week or sometimes more. This limited access, and lack of land rights to protect the little water that may exist for some communities, has brought many campesinos to the streets to protest as part of the #MarchaPorElAgua. Thousands marched across the country to Guatemala City’s central square, demanding to Congress the protection of existing, but slowly disappearing water sources due to hydroelectric dams and corporate farming. Communities are demanding that they have more input when their water sources are being affected by big business, which is a contrast to the current reality of fearing being criminalized for speaking out against it. As @vitillescas says “Mangroves and Water are LIFE, not a Commodity”, because access to water is one of the #derechoshumanos basicos.

World Book Day, or #DiaDelLibro, came and went on April 23rd, which is the date on which William Shakespeare died in 1616, just one day before Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes died (in the same year!). Twitter was flooded with thousands of tweets from Guatemalans celebrating the holiday, not only because books are awesome, but because Miguel de Cervantes is one of the most highly praised authors to have ever lived, and he was Spanish! To grow up reading his impressive works in his native language is a treat for all who speak Spanish, and this is the point where we were at XelaWho encourage you readers who are stuck in week 3 of Spanish school to hang in there! Reading in any language is awesome (English especially because you have access to this fine publication), but Spanish is cooler. #SiSePuede!

Rainy season is here, which has many of us sitting at home, drinking too much hot chocolate, and thinking about our exes and what they’re doing instead of hanging out with our awesome selves… which has given birth to one of the most hilarious hashtags of the year: #MiExMeCambioPor. In some cases, such as the case for @Quefiaca1, their ex changed them for “uno mas pendejo”, or “someone stupider than me”. In other cases, such as for @_Electric_Girl_, their ex changed them for “un Xbox one”. Ahhhh, el amor!

Another method to deal with the extreme amount of rain drenching us here in Xela is to… well, to put it plainly, have a few drinks, and then to offer some advice on how to get drunk using #ConsejoDeBolo hashtag. Of course, many tweeters have chimed in with advice ranging from “deleting your ex’s number” to “designating someone to police your phone use so you don’t call your ex”. Which is fine advice if you’re still reeling from your summer fling, but by far, our favorite consejo and one that we recommend to you XelaWho readers is from @ManyRivera4: “si me imagino la goma que andas, echate una sopa instantanea”, which translates to, “I forsee a huge hangover in your future, make yourself some 2-minute noodles”.

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