TEDx Comes to Xela!

Can an idea change the world? Are dreams worth having?

By itself, ideas are only figments of one’s imagination, concepts of fantasy. Implemented, however, ideas can bring about profound impacts and become the seeds of change. Think about how microfinance has spread worldwide and transformed the lives of millions. Or how a personal idea of yours has changed the trajectory of your life.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is coming to Xela for the first time in history! Organized by a team of committed volunteers, TEDxPuenteDeLos Chocoyos will bring together the best minds of Xela from a variety of fields for a one-day conference focused on the concept of taking actions for your dreams. The theme of the event is “Ser Nefelibatas, caminar sonando”, which literally means to be a dreamer, but walk while dreaming. The event will showcase speeches divided into 4 main themes: Pequeno a Grande, Jamás pensé, Jamás sonè, Sín Limites and Suenos Unidos. Yes, all the speeches will be in Spanish.

The team has put together 10-12 speakers who are weaved into the fabric of Guatemala. They include Carlos Guzman, the entrepreneur who grew Xelapan from a single store to the chain it is today, JuanCarlos Barrios, the guitarist of the famed Bohemia Urbana, the Xela-famous Bonifaz, who has used theatre to talk about issues ranging from migration to the importance of water, and Luis Grijalva, Xela’s current mayor. It is our hope that their stories will inspire the audience to start taking actions for their dreams.

TED (www.ted.com) started as a 4-day conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. Today, it covers almost all topics, from science to business to global issues. TED then created TEDx, a program organized by local communities to share the TED experience. TED videos, TEDx speeches and networking during a conference seeks to provoke a deep discussion and connection within a small local community, like Xela.

With inspirational speeches from the speakers, it is our hope to spark discussions between the different groups living and working in Xela, and provoke the implementation of ideas. Join us at TEDxPuenteDeLos Chocoyos on the 11th of June, from 8.30am – 5pm, at the Teatro Municipal, and be part of the conversation. If you can’t make it to the event, fret not as all videos will be uploaded to the official TEDx channel on Youtube.

Pre-sale tickets are Q50 and can be bought at El Cuartito, from the event organizers (if you know them) and online on our website. All proceeds goes to the organization of the event. Tickets are limited, so do not wait till the event to buy them.

For more information on the event and speakers, visit www.tedxpuentedeloschocoyos.com, or our Facebook page FB/tedxpuentedeloschocoyos.

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