Billionaire Haemorrhoid Stops and Frisks Our Minds

By Anon

The first presidential debate between orange billionaire haemorrhoid Donald Trump and librarian from outer space Hillary Clinton was full of color. Perhaps most relevant for readers in Guatemala, “illegal immigrants” came up, when swollen cheesepuff Trump was discussing gun control. He said, “We have gangs roving the street. In many cases they’re illegally here, illegal immigrants, they have guns and they shoot people. We have to be very strong. We have to be very vigilant.”

In Hair Fuhrer Trump’s world, undocumented migrants are somehow both extremely hard-working (stealing American jobs and accepting low pay, etc.) and extremely dangerous criminals. Naturally, facts show that undocumented migrants are actually less likely than “white” Americans to commit crimes other than entering the US without permission.

The Tangerine Tantrum also announced that part of being “vigilant” means introducing “stop and frisk” to cities across the US. “Stop and frisk” is a police practice adopted by the New York Police Department mainly to get unregistered guns off the streets. The tactic allows police to stop and lightly search anyone they think might have a gun.

From 2004 to 2012, New York City police stopped people over around 4.4 million times, over 1,500 times a day. 52% of these stops happened to black people, 31% happened to Hispanic people, and only 10% happened to white people. Black people make up around 23% of the population of NYC, Hispanics 29%, and whites 33%. Of the people stopped, 1% of African Americans had illegal contraband on them, compared to 1.4% of whites. Naturally, stop and frisk created a police-state feel in minority communities, fuelled distrust and resentment toward cops, and reduced community cooperation with police investigations.

The practice was predictably ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in large part because it violated the rights of non-white people not to be harassed by police. When this was pointed out during the debate, the wigged manbaby explained that the federal court’s decision was made by a “very against police judge” and that appeals could reverse it. In his world, non-white people deserve police harassment, so it should be legal.

I lived in New York during stop and frisk. Once, my roommate and I were out walking on Riverside Drive at night, smoking a joint. We stopped to pee on the wall separating the street from a park. A black car immediately careened down the sidewalk and two guys in undercover NYPD uniforms (backwards baseball caps and hockey jerseys) jumped out guns drawn. I dropped the joint and they stopped and frisked and looked for more drugs we didn’t have. They asked us if we were students at the private university up the road. We were. They put their guns away and said, next time, just go on the other side of the wall. And they let us go. Can you guess our skin color?

I had accidentally dropped the joint in my puddle of pee, which I highly recommend in that situation, but still, if we weren’t white, we almost certainly would have been arrested for public indecency and drug possession. As blond robot Hillary pointed out in the debate, “If you’re a young African American man and you do the same thing as a young white man, you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted, and incarcerated.”

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