P o p p i n g

Christmas Come Early

Starbucks and their heathen cup designers continue their unholy waron Christmas elsewhere, but here in Xela the battle is not lost – in fact, Christmas is doing pretty well.
 Unimpeded by stopgap holidays like Thanksgiving, it creeps up earlier and earlier every year. Gallo rolls out their most gigantic and clearly branded Christmas trees. Cantinas hang up
streamers and ornaments. The near-constant distant thunder of fireworks is back. There?s still mashed potatoes and turkey in the tupperware in the fridge, and Christmas seems to be in full swing.


F lo p p i n g

Dog Bites Man

XelaWho denounces the black dog with white spots for biting countless innocents —amongst them many friends of the magazine.

The dog sleeps on the corner across from McDonalds at Parque Central. The chucho’s lack of faith of in man-dog convivencia in Xela is disturbing, and he is not a good boy. We urge him to reconsider his policy on biting random passersby. Please stop. You’re giving your many stinky but well-behaved street dog compatriots a bad name.

In the event that he does not stop and you —the reader —are also bitten, remember that the Centro de Salud by the Linea Dorada and Alamo stations is open 24 hours and has rabies and tetanus vaccinations for free

Orale Chris!

After 5 years as Mr. XelaWho, our very own DJ Christoff is heading up to that great big satirical revista in the sky (a.k.a. taking a cool job in Peru). As our longest running XelaWho editor, Chris has steered our beloved mag through some of the toughest crises it’s ever faced. Two elections, the Guatemalan Spring, and that time we wrote a whole issue about a holiday XelaWho staff took to Hue Hue Departamento (good times indeed!). We’ve covered just about every chicken bus joke there is, every garnacha pun and even some actual journalism from time to time (Chris is most certainly to blame for that, so don’t fear people, we’ll be dialing up the low grade parasite jokes that you’ve come to rely on to get you through that agonising 5 minute wait for your smoothie at El Cuartito).

Aside from being Mr. XelaWho, Chris has been one of Xela’s top DJs (Funky Fridays just won’t be the same!) even touring once to San Marcos where the town erected a huge banner in Chris’ honour. He’s been a solid housemate, a top cook and a good friend to all of us who have had the pleasure of knowing him over the past several years in Xela.

It’s gonna be tough keeping up XelaWho’s impeccable reputation as the hardest hitting journalism in Guatemala (for example: see cover) but we’ll just have to suck it up and keep working hard for the beautiful people of Xela.

Good luck in Peru, Chris! We’ll miss you, Conejito. There just might be a South American correspondent job opening up soon. Who knows.

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