Stuck In Xela

By Jalapeno Jacobo

Each month we send our field correspondent, Jalapeno Jacobo, to interview and harass one of Xela’s most infamous extranjeros to find out why the hell they’ve lived in Xela for so long (just kidding Xela, we love you.) This month we spoke to Chris Alford, who is originally from Salisbury, England, spent almost five years in Xela, and sadly left us solitos us for Peru in December.

So when did you first arrive in Xela and why?

I arrived in Xela in January 2012, I had been living in England and looking for a development job anywhere I could find one. EntreMundos sent me an offer and so I set off blindly for a new life in Quetzaltenango.


And did you expect you’d still be here almost five years later?

I had no plan, at first I honestly found the city pretty underwhelming but after a few months I got to know the soul of the city. The really big, beautiful soul, full of wonderful people. And I was stuck.


And so what have you been up to all this time?

After two years with EntreMundos

I started working with Serjus which is a great organization serving to enable and assist political movements here in Guatemala. Mostly having to do with human rights, land rights, and causes of that nature.


And of course you’re also one of the fine editors whom I have the pleasure of working with, here at XelaWho

Yup, Including the arduous task of making sure Mr. Jalapeno turns his shit in on time.


Ugh, I don’t envy that.

But sadly, after all these years, you’ve managed to get yourself unstuck and you’re finally leaving Xela.


Looking back on your time in Xela what are some of your most unforgettable moments?

Well there was this one time a few years ago a friend of ours showed up at a bar with loads and loads of….(Chris rambles on for several exasperated minutes)


Well that sounds like a great time and all but do you have anything we can actually publish?

Hmmm ok, well I’m also a DJ  (*an excellent one*) and one day years ago I was invited to play an event in San Marcos (*no, the other San Marcos*). I didn’t think much of it, but it turns out that in the days leading up to the event there was a giant banner hanging in the city announcing the coming of DJ Christoph “all the way from England” complete with a picture of me in a pirate costume that the organizer had found on my Facebook page (*see figure below*). It was a blast, everyone wanted a picture with me as if I was famous… which I’m not.


Don’t be so modest. We all dig your grooves.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to Xela before you go?

You’re fucking awesome Xela, the Stuck in Xela section is a testament to that. I’ll miss you so much.


And Xela will miss you, Chris. Come back soon!


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