It was a bit of a mixed bag this May from Guate’s twiteros with every chavo with a off-brand smartphone chipping in their two-cents. The big story of the month was as it always should be in May, good ol’ #DíaDeLaMadre. For many chapines, there’s no better way to tell your mum you love her than taking the 30 seconds necessary to put a tweet out honouring the lady who brought you into this world. @Chuchurrunmin128 said it right with “Feliz día a todas las madres. Gracias por demostrar su amor incondicional” (Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, thanks for demonstrating your unconditional love). Let’s just hope she’s on twitter cause if not (and maybe even if she is), she’s probably pissed you’re not making her a proper desayuno tipico in bed (see meme opposite).

And for you dedicated XelaWho readers out there who have managed to read TWO consecutive issues of XelaWho in a row (congrats! And thanks!), you’ll be glad to know that Chimaltenango is still a permanent traffic jam. #Chimaltenango had the usual smathering of angry motorists protesting the protesters of the new highway bypass along with 100s of gory photos of the latest victims of Guate’s favourite city you love to hate. As @DJ_Urizar put it, “NO respetan ni buses, ni pilotos particulares, hacen 3era fila en carril contrario” (They don’t respect buses or drivers and just make another lane of traffic on the opposite side of the road).

But just when we thought all sense of decency and Prairie Home Companion style quaintness had finally been sucked out of Chimal… a little boy called Juan’s dog fell down a well and he lowered himself down on a homemade belay rope with the help of local soccer players and saved his puppy “Boby.” Guatetwitter hailed the now small town hero of #ChimaltenangoJuan as a unlikely heroic figure to give hope to those residing in what has become the smoking @#!hole of Guatemala (end-of-a-Die-Hard flick style hero photo on page opposite).

Another brightspot in the Guateverse is the new #UseLaCabeza social media campaign that promotes safe motorcycle riding through publically shaming riders not wearing a helmet. Among the thousands of photos of motorcyclists without helmets and the “after” shots far too graphic for a magazine as high falutin’ as XelaWho,, @iilescas_pedro reminded us that if you’re going to go dangerous, you may as well do it with all your mates hanging out the back of a pimped-up Canadian school bus (pic opposite).Oh, and #VolcánDeFuego exploded!

Orale Xela!

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