It was a busy September for the Tuiteros in ol’ Xela Town. Owing to the popular fall of A New Hope in government, the annual destruction during Independence Week, and several other non Brahva-fuelled natural disasters, your average Chapin with a thumb and a off-brand smart phone had a lot to tell all his 9 twitter followers about.

The transformation in public (read: government) acceptance of free speech on social media since 2015 has been nothing short of remarkable. As recently as the 2011 election cycle, ambitious upstarts willing to criticise the Guatemalan government for chronic abuse of power and corruption on social media (What gall!) were being disappeared. Now in 2017, 10,000s of Guatemaltecos and Guatemaltecas regularly take to the interwebs to denounce their government’s corruption. They even brought down Otto “wasn’t he a bad guy in one of the Rambos?” Perez in 2015! Back then, it was #YoNoTengoPresidente, which has had a facelift under the new round of extreme corruption under Jimmy Morales and his #PactodeCorruptos (see Editorial.)

Guate’s Tuiteros are pissed…

As @CongresoT points out on#AnteJuicioJimmy (Jimmy facing justice),

“More than 50% of the sections in the national congress have representatives facing legal action.” All through September there were protests and strikes across the country protesting the formal or informal impunity granted to many of Guatemala’s elected officials culminating in a#ParoNacional(national strike) that shut down the country.

_SAM2825Even Guate’s expat’s abroad joined in… @guateNY tweeted

“The Guatemalans in New York are ready

to protest outside the UN building to demand #Justicia Ya (#JusticeNow).

We’ll see if it goes the way of 2015 and Jimmy ends up getting kicked out and as@Aleph_Mulier says “Jimmy’s next speech will be infront of a tribunal.” As @wergabrielIndignante put it “The Guatemalan people are in the Constitutional Plaza and say ‘get out  thieves #manifestacion #impunidad’” (#protest #impunity).

But back in The Land of Gallo, a little thing like a #CrisisdeEstadoGT (Crisis of the Guatemalan State) can’t stop the week-long sloshfest for#IndependenciaGT ( G u a t e m a l a n I n d e p e n d e n c e ) . @_EliiasROLa astutedly pointed out after his 23rd Brahva, “was the 2011 Dry Law never passed or is it just not enforced?” Who knows, Eliias, but may it long remain so during #XelaFer! @Willyalburez had the presence of mind to tweet “In the middle of all this madness, I’m going to tweet something beautiful! #XelaFer2017”

So much for living in the momento #millenialsGT #HipstersALaVerga

Xela’s Tuiteros also took to the redes sociales (social media) to give their condolences to several tragedies in the region #TerremotoMX (Mexican earthquake)

#PuertoRico (guess, just guess)

#TemblorGT (Guatemalan tremor).

The golden boy of the 1998 World Cup @ricky_martin put it well— “3.4 million people. Together we will rise #PuertoRico.” Just spare a thought for the victims of a more local disaster in Guatemala City at the end of September #VamosAMaroon5

At least Guate city had some joy which lit up the Twitterverse when #UberIceCream(when Uber drivers deliver you free ice cream) came to town!

Esto vino pero nos quieren cobrar a quetzaaaal los helados

Some things never change @InformalDiario.

Cuidate out there Xela

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