Popping & Flopping



Gouls & Ghosts

The dry season in Guatemala begins with a trio of Catholic holidaysAll Hallow’s Eve, All Saints, and All Soul’s day. We’ve decided that  the spirits, ghosts, specters and ghouls of Guatemala are absolutely popping. They’re great at keeping up relationships with the living and keep up a world-class cemetery. Most importantly, perhaps, they put with and even enjoy fiambrean everything-salad of cold cuts, cheese, and cabbage that some on Xelawho’s editorial staff privately think is kind of gross. Good job, guys. 



The Facebook

Facebook met fierce backlash last month when they quietly rolled out a social experiment in Guatemala that would make any dystopian cyberpunk villain proud. They removed professional media posts from Facebook’s main feed—moving them over to a separate “explore” feed, effectively eliminating the most important publishing platform for media companies large and small, and killing two thirds of their traffic overnight. 


This move flops, hard. Facebook and telecom monopolies already dominate internet access in developing countries like Guatemala, where millions have been introduced to cat videos, and vitrolic comment sections in the past decade via cheap smartphones and Mark Zuckerberg’s blue hellscape. Social media has bottlenecked distribution and access to professional media to the point of strangling newspapers, websites, and TV stations for advertising. We need companies like Facebook to open the tap futher, not throttle it. Express your anger at this situation by visiting Xelawho’s page on Facebook and kicking us a like. 

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