Popping & Flopping



We´re So Sorry

Popping this month is you, our readers— you‘ve survived another year of our bad puns, endless typos, terrible jokes, and crass commentary on life in this strange and wonderful city. We love you, and we‘re sorry. Feliz navidad! Here‘s to you.



Evil Hot Dog Men


So-called serious newspaper Prensa Libre did a bad thing. They ran a straight news article mid-November with the headline “theft of electricity leads to losses in the thousands.” All well and good, we thought; it’s about time that Prensa called out power company EEMQ for cutting luz to entire neighborhoods on a weekly basis. Those unannounced interruptions shut down businesses, leave food to rot in fridges without power, and scuttle planned Sunday Youtube marathons. They really suck. It’s about time that the Columbia JSchool credentialed big wigs at Prensa jumped on the chance to speak some truth to power. As if! Prensa’s article wasn’t a takedown of anyone responsible for the epidemic of power cuts. Instead, it was an attack on informal vendors for hooking up to the local power grid – an attack whose only source is … numbers from the EEMQ, reprinted uncritically. Color Xelawho unsurprised. Prensa Libre seems to really hate informal vendors: they jump on any chance they can to repeat talking points from the police, municipality, or power company about how the little guys are ruining Xela and how they need to be run off the streets. That’s right: this city’s problem isn’t a deeply dysfunctional bureaucracy or unaccountable corporations like the power company turning public utilities on and off as they like. Nope: it’s the evil, thieving hot dog men.

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