Xelebrity of the Month – March

Jalapeno Jacobo interviews PacoMax owner Walter

How long have you been in the paca business?

My whole life. My parents owned a paca and taught me the basics. Then when I was ready to spread my wings I used my experience and contacts to start this business – PacaMax.

So where does all this stuff come from?

Everything I buy comes from the US. There are companies up there that sell used goods for cheap. I buy giant crates of mis­cellaneous stuff from them and import ev­erything by boat.

And where do those companies get so much cheap stuff?

Where are you from?

That’s classified.

Well, you know how a lot of parking lots in the United States have those donation box­es? These companies take everything from those boxes and sell it to us for cash.

Where does the best stuff come from?

New York and Boston are great; Miami is the worst…

How has the paca scene changed since you started?

There are way more pacas with way more stuff of way worse quality.

How has that affected local clothing stores?

Well, it’s put a lot of them out of business.

Do you think that’s a good thing?

I don’t think it’s good or bad — just dif­ferent.

Do you ever find anything extra valuable in the crates?

All the time. We’ve found refurbished antiques, valuable Coca-Cola memorabilia, and lots of other collectors’ items.

How much do those fancy items cost here?

We buy everything by weight so we sell it by weight. The valuable stuff costs as much as the Coldplay tee-shirts.

Do you wash the clothes before you sell them?

We don’t, but they spray pesticides on everything when it comes through cus­toms.

That’s a good reminder to always wash your clothes before you eat them.

Do you buy your personal clothes brand new?

I have absolutely no problem wearing clothes from a paca, buuuut yes, I buy my clothes new.

I respect that. Never get high on your own supply.

Your jokes are terrible.

How do you think I got this job?

Thanks for your time, Walter!

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