Popping and Flopping


Lenin did nothing wrong

Popping this month is the late, great Lenín Fernández. He died relatively young, at 59, after an illustrious career drumming for Alux Nahaul — one of Guatemala’s longest-lived, best-known, and hardest-rocking bands.

Nahual wasn’t just a Guatemalan band – the group, which formed in 1979 and split in 2012, is beloved throughout Lat­in America for their infusion of classical instruments, folk music, and prog ele­ments into good old-fashioned rock and roll. En paz descansa _— although, given the way that Lenin could play the drums, there’s probably not too much descanso on the other side right now.

Por eso vuelve

Cuando puedas vuelve, vuelve

Yo te juro que te esperare

Guardame mi vida en un rincón


Have we finally hit peak café?

Cafes are dropping like flies in Zone 1. The past couple months have seen two prom­inent locations go under — Cafe Harmo­nia, a buzzing extranjero hangout across from the municipality, and La Chatia Ar­tesana, which closed their long-lived Zone 1 location by Puente Chocoyos but are still operating in Zone 3.

It’s no big surprise, given the massive re­cent proliferation of cafes in Zone 1. Still, the bagels and coffees will be missed. Our advice: patronize your local cafes — es­pecially the ones that advertise with us — and mix it up once in a while. Check out the ones that look empty, or a bit sad. They need your business too. And avoid corporate outposts like & if you can.

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