Happy 150th Anniversary XelaWho!

Honey, I redesigned the magazine

It’s been a long strange trip but XelaWho has defied the odds and is still here after 150 glorious editions, 143,874 puns and 243 strongly worded letters to the editor. From black and white, to colour, to black and white, and back again – XelaWho has undergone more facelifts than Mitch Mc­Connell. Through all the makeovers, Xe­laWho has stayed committed to original content made by folks right here in Xela (and occasionally travelling in Peru, Aus­tralia, England, the Lake etc). So in honour of this mildly impressive milestone, here’s XelaWho’s guide to XelaWho!

XelaWho started more than a decade ago as the brainchild of Lucas Vigden, an Aussie from Melbourne and long-time Xelebri­ty. Lucas started the mag to pay the rent, make a little tortilla pisto and test the crazy idea that spurring locally written content might just contribute to life and culture in ol’ XelaTown. While still the owner of the mag, Lucas has now moved on to that great whimsical revista in the sky (read: Mel­bourne, with a steady job, kids, and a car). Such is but a dream for us lowly editors left slaving away in the salt mines each month so that you might stay abreast of the latest and greatest about Tortrix’s newest flavour.

Over the years, XelaWho has covered mo­mentous changes in Guatemalan political and cultural life. The rise and fall of our favourite Rambo III villain Otto Perez Mo­lina. The fall and fall of Jimmy “had a TV show with way too much blackface” Mo­rales. XelaWho has been there each year when Zona 2 is flooded due to tons of our uppercrust Zone 1 Tortrix bags clogging their sewers. Through countless San Mar­cos jokes, regular updates on the pretty predictable climate when we can’t think of anything else to write, and a pulped red­wood forest of questionable political com­mentary, we’ve brought you the best and worst of Xela life.

Despite our best efforts, the XelaWho team occasionally steps into actual journalism, or better said, we stumble into something actually substantive and interesting which then becomes a story – the journalistic equivalent of the fish jumping into the boat. There was that time we got the scoop on Xela’s Marching Power-esque jail in Cantel, countless hard-hitting issues on corruption in Guatemala, and when this editor had the honour of interviewing some local LGBTI movement leaders in July 2016 to bring some extra attention to some wonderful local activism and change in our community. Never forget XelaWho ‘s most cited and like article of all time, “My Guatemalan Boyfriend” – definitely worth a Google.

Between the quips and the puns, we hope that there is the occasional nugget of cul­tural insight in this vida xelita that brings us all together in this great city? town? vil­lage? glorified-truck-stop? So hopefully we can explain the occasional odd happening while splitting the occasional side.

So thanks for reading! Thanks for writing in! Thanks for being part of the strange lit­tle town we love!

To 150 more!

XelaWho HQ

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