Xelebrity – April

La Colocha Curiosa interviews the only female “ayudante” in Xela

Are you originally from Xela or from somewhere else?

I’m from Huehuetenango originally, but I have been living in Xela for 12 years.

And how old are you? 14

So, how did you start to work as a bus ayudante?

Well, I was given the opportunity to work, and it’s the only job that I like, that I can get paid daily. That’s why I started to work as an ayudante, and now I’ve been doing this for three years.

And have you always worked with the same driver or have you worked with others?

I’ve worked with three different drivers. With Jairo, I’ve been working 1 year and 5 months, with another one I worked for 8 months, and with another for 1 week.

Have you worked in other kinds of jobs?

Yes, I’ve worked as a cleaner– mopping, sweeping, and washing dishes. But, in reality, that didn’t really work very well for me.

What things do you like about your job?

I like charging people and treating the passengers well. I like working outside, in the open space.

And what things do you not like?

When people don’t tell me their stop ahead of time, or when people get off the bus and give me a ten or a twenty bill and I have to quickly get their change.

What’s the most difficult thing about your job?

The most difficult thing is when it rains and I have to get wet, then I get sick. Things like that.

And what is your schedule?

From 6am to 8:30pm.

Would you like to be a driver one day?

Yes, I would. Move up, become a driver, then one day a bus owner.

How do you feel about being the only female ayudante in Xela?

Honestly, I feel good about it. I am proud of myself for being the only one and perhaps the best of all the ayudantes.

What types of things do passengers say to you?

Everyone congratulates me, they tell me that I’m pilas and that I’m very responsible in my job.

And do the other ayudantes and drivers judge you for being a woman?

Yeah, they are always bothering me, saying things… but honestly, I just let them live in their world and me in mine.

What would you want to say to anyone who has ever doubted you?

I would just tell them that I’m moving forward, and that one day I might be the owner of a bus, or maybe even two or three.

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